OK. This is a 2-blade pocket I picked up years ago. Pretty decent quality. At first I thought Golden Rule, but the stamp isn't the same. As you can see, it advertises a business in Gowanda, NY. The tang stamp, which I tried to get as clear a pic as possible of, LOOKS like "GOO" or GCC," Gowanda, NY. Can anyone help at all? Can't find reference one to this mark. Thanks in advance.

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Great!!. Thank you. Does it specifically say it was Gutman? And does it mention who might have actually made it?

Yeah .. I too wonder who manufactured it.

That tang is without a doubt a Gutmann.  It does not list the many manufactures that it could have been.  Even today some companies do not want the name of a specific manufacture tied to their knives

Louis, ? Is it possibly, G.C.CO.,   Gutmann Cutlery Co.??Michael.

It could well be... my question is that these kind of clear-celluloid picture knives really weren't being produced in 1947, when Gutmann started...the pin-up girl dates it as definitely not 40s or even 30s, but earlier. That's what's so confusing

According to Blade's Guide to Knives & Their Values Pg 154

Canton Cutlery Co carried on making picture knives until 1949

Wabash Cutlery Co produced their last in 1935

Novelty Cutlery Co produced them until 1948

and the most interesting of all Ariel Cutlery...the last of their picture knives were placed into storage in 1944.  30 years later several thousand of the knives found their way into the collector market.  This accounts for the high production of Ariels that are now seen in mint condition.

So, as you can tell companies did continue into that time frame

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