CRKT, Cold Steel, Vintage Rigid and Burnt Chimney Pocket Knives for Sale!

Hi Folks!  Hope you are all doing well.  Enclosed are some photos of several pocketknives I have for sale.  The CRKT Tighe Tac 2 and the Cold Steel Knives are absolutely brand new.  The Burnt Chimney and Rigid (German made) knives are no longer made, but both are in fine shape.  Questions?  Please let me know.  As with the custom knives I have posted for sale, payment through PayPal please.  Thank you!!

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The Tighe Tac have a box, Bryan? And what kind of price? Would love to get a design made by a Canadian. 

Hiya Manx

the knife came in a clamshell package, which i have but its cut open.  I can easily send the paper/cardboard

insert with the knife, te clamshell would not be worth it!   Its brand new and a great design.  I was looking for $35 total including shipping.


Ahhh yes. The dreaded Clamshell Package...which is usually sharper than the knives they hold! LOL. Okay, I'll ask the wife later today if I can do that. Will get back to you! What is your price on the Cold Steels?

Hi Manx no problem. Yea that plastic is deadly! The cold steels i was looking at the same price, $35 each including shipping.  I can combine shipping too if you buy 2 or more and save you a bit.  Thanks!!

While I would like the Cold Steels as well, I only got permission to grab the Tighe. *pout* I am just waiting for a rebate to come in from CKTG and then I can pass it on. So...I'll take it! :)

Sounds just fine!  Message me when you are ready and we can set it up.

Hi everyone. Please note the blue handled Cold Steel has been sold. Thanks!

Sorry Bryan, for the delay. Just got my rebate back last night. Still have the Tighe Tac?

Sure do.  Saving it for ya!

Can you message me your Paypal? I'll get the CFO to do up the paperwork.

Okay, okay...I'll ask the wife to send it when it is convenient for her. LOL

*edit* You do recall from our chats and such that I live up North? ;-)

Questions about burnt Chimney. Box, real pearl, simulated pearl and price.

Hi Billy

Thanks for asking.  I have the original box, which is a bit rough but all there.  The original foam in the box disintegrated so the box is "empty" from that standpoint.  Handles are real mother of pearl and very pretty.  Overall knife is in excellent condition, with just a bit of spotting on one bolster.  A good machine (or dremel) buffing would likely take care of that very quickly.  Knife presents completely original and unused.  I was asking $65 including priority shipping (US).

Thanks for the questions!

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