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While attempting to increase my knowledge of the Geo. Schrade M2 knives by internet search, I ran across an old posting that originated on this site. After reading it, I immediately joined.

I collect mainly military knives and bayonets. I say mainly, because I keep being pulled into other edged areas as well - Sound familiar? I have been collecting for over 40 years and am still learning. It has been many years since I sold a knife, so my knowledge of values has been blunted.

Does anyone have a handle on the value of a Geo. Schrade/PRESTO Hawkbill in mint condition? (Sorry for the tongue-in-cheek references; sometimes I can't help myself)

Thanks for your input.

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One more view. . .

OK, so I lied. One more. A view of most of my Paratrooper (or Air Force) collection.

One more once (remember Count Basie?). The Mc-1's are, of course, post-War. This photo shows a Camillus & the infamous Smythe-Logan Mc-1. The shroud cutter is unmarked; as is proper. It is manufactured by Camillus.

Mario-- Holy crap-- I am breathless-- What beautiful pristine examples of Schrade & WW II history!!-- I know that you sold these to your best friend, so price may be relative, but just for further future evaluation purposes, what did these beauties sell for, if I may ask??- I am particularly interested in the hawkbill, cuz I have never seen one sell anywhere.--

I'll leave it to my friend to respond, if he chooses to discuss. Anytime I sell something I keep prices confidential. I''ll give you a hint: he and his wife have moved into a tent until they can reorganize their finances. Only kidding, Doug!

By the way, instead of Mc-1 it should be MC-1. My fingers often display a muddled mind. Typing and thinking is a chore, isn't it? C'mon, you know it is!!!

Oh no; I did it again. It's is Logan-Smythe and not Smythe-Logan (although the story of their production makes the difference negligible). 

Mario-- You are my kind of knife knut !!- An avid collector & knowledgable in your possesions (discreet, too)  However, if you could whisper in my ear in a PM discussion, I will just keep the price involved as a future reference point----

I'll check with my friend and let you know.

This is a 2-1/2 year old thread I realize, but has anyone learned anything more about the Schrade Presto Hawkbills?  Particularly the production history and/or totals?  I read through the replies here and am here to report that the Presto Hawkbill is not a myth, even though there seems to be very little known about it.. Seems as if I read somewhere that there were (supposedly) 50 made for a military trial to test with the airborne soldiers and that those first 50 were hawkbills; these were for whatever reason rejected in favor of clip point models.  That story would make sense given that so few of these seem to remain. I ran across this one a year or two ago when I bought a bunch of old knives from a guy.  It was rusted/pitted and really dulled on the tip, having obviously been used a lot.  Good news is the spring works ok and the plastic handle is intact.  I've got no idea the value.

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