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I will apologize in advance if I am going about this in the wrong way.

I came across the 3 knives in the picture and was wondering if anyone could help identify the year and value. Thanks

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   The Schrade Uncle Henry 3 Blade Dogleg Stock knife.The Staglon handles,as well as the rest of the knife are pretty beat up. $5-10. Don't bother to check the bay,'cause every Dolt with a beat up old paring knife thinks it's a mint $5000 Will & Fink Bowie.

     The Rizzuto Milan Stainless is your average "Blackboard Jungle" type Switchblade Obviously made in Milan Italy. Was current in the late 90s. Price...... Google a switchblade or automatic (that's what  they call 'em nowadays) Expert. Don't forget it's against the law in most places.

       This BUCK is Not Made by BUCK U..S.A. it is much older & made of Carbon Steel.Prolly made by BUCK Cutlery of Germany [Circa 1920-1940] Also its construction (from what little I can see) looks German & from that  time period.With out seeing the knife,I can't venture a price.

Good points Jim
The Buck is an interesting question, as i thought it had more of an english feel to it, but again tough to tell from the photos. Could also be a Buck Brothers, which would make it even earlier.
All good stuff!

Thanks Jim and Bryan.

I will post some more pictures of the Buck this evening.

I am loading some better pictures of the Buck knife. I believe it belonged to my Aunt who was born on 1885.I am getting more curious about this little Buck knife. Thanks for the help.

The info on those Rizzo's is just all over the place! Italian company, many made in Mexico and copied in China. Values from $250 to $10. Difficult to pin down.

The Buck is in great shape.  Appears to have steel pins, liners and bolsters.  Along with the stamp with no country of origin, its definitely an early knife.  Could be cocobolo handles, a popular wood still used today.  Great knife.  I'll keep looking to see what I can find, as "BUCK" and only buck leaves a lot of possibilities.  Thanks for the photos Ralph!

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