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Hello as the title states I’m looking for a gift for a relative that really helped me out. He is a knife and gun dealer so I’m looking for something that he would find respectable in the $200 range. He’s in his 70s and seems to be into more classic type things on the higher end so the latest and greatest type tactical type knives Isn’t where his interest lies Any suggestion brand model are greatly appreciated.

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So, we are looking at traditional. Is he more a folder or a fixed blade kinda guy?

I’m going to go with folder thanks in advance for your input

Jan Carter said:

So, we are looking at traditional. Is he more a folder or a fixed blade kinda guy?

You could do worse than looking at TSA's own line of knives "Trestle Pine". 

They have classic lines with very good modern steel and you would get a good choice for your budget.

I agree, Trestle pine has some beauties!  Also try Maher & Grosh 

You can't go wrong with a GEC in the $150 to $200 range, or if you can step it up a bit you could get a Tony Bose/ Case collaboration annual custom knife, you can get some new older ones for under $300.

Maybe a Tuna Valley pocket knife.
Thanks for all the replies guys gonna flip through your recommendations tonight

Hi Ton

May sound a bit selfish, buti have a very pretyy stag congress for sale, which is no longer made with the Rigid brand.  I have it listed under the knives for sale.  Its well under 200 so it may not be what you are looking for, but thought I would throw it out there.  Thanks and best of luck in your hunt!

New brands to consider?  Case, Queen, Schatt and Morgan, Tuna Valley, Great Eastern, Northwoods, Trestle Pine, wow lots to consider!

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