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If this is a double post, sorry about that.  I’m still learning!  First time poster here, looking for some info on a particular style of knife.  When I was a kid in Scouts in the late 70s early 80s, some of the boys had a set of two matched hunting knives in a single sheath, rather like a Scottish dirk with its by-knife.  They looked rather like the one in the photo attached.  This one is mine, an Edge Mark 461 from Solingen, I think.

The larger knife would be a bit smaller than the one in the pic, about a 5” blade or so.  The smaller would have about a 3” blade.

I’d love to acquire a set of these someday, and knowing what they were called, who made them, etc. would be a great help when I start looking!

Thanks in advance.   If this should be somewhere else, please let me know!

Edit:  The second photo is basically what I’m talking about.  Screenshot from the Simpsons Spring and Summer Catalogue, 1965, archived at collectionscanada.gc.ca

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I assume by the when I was a kid statement that you are, like me...mid range now LOL.  At that time there would not have been too many possibilities.  The Case Twin Finn would have been the most popular in a good many areas of the country.  Queen made a similar product 

Yes, that’s exactly what I remembered!  Thanks, now I have two names to go on.

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