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I came across this Sheffield lock back in an antique/what-not shop over the weekend.  I didn't purchase it but am curious what, if anything, anyone on here might know about it...other than it's a Sheffield lock back...

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Sheffield Mfg is an American tool manufacturer.

They make the pictured knife in both a 4" & 5" version.

Great Neck is one of their brands you might recognize.

I've a small multi-tool of their manufacture .. it's a well put together little knife .. decent steel.

NOTE: Not made in England.

The "country of origin" is listed as CHN.

I'm guessing .. that's China.

What you've pictured is a basic Buck 110 clone.

Arguably .. the most copied knife in existence.

sometimes the irony has got to make you laugh

Sheffield = an american tool company

an american tool company = country of origin China

If your in a pawn shop, looking at a used knife as a user.  Consider what your going to pay for it, does it name the steel?  Is the lockup tight?  If it is going to be a user and you know all that upfront, you may just be onto a good user at a reasonable price

As a baseline .. a new one can be had for < $ 18 + shipping.
Great information folks. It's really nice to be able learn from everyone here.

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