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The Infidel and mini infidel 3300 and 3350  out the front  models  that fare the D2 Steel blade offered by Benchmade,  are no doubt well built I don't own one but sell quite a few the mini 3350 seems to be

the most popular out the door to public safety, LE, military and the likes.

Do you own one or two and how do you like it or not like it?



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I had the 3300 (bottom pic) for well over year before trading it for 3 Benchmades, 1. Adamas fixed blade 2.Nimravus 3. MPR.

I don't regret the trade, the Infidel is not legal for me to own unless I re-enlist and that is not going to happen.

Brad ,

that's the draw back, unless military, police public service etc... I like the knife both of them being across the street from

court house helps, lots of Law Enforcement come in....and I offer lay away's so that helps.

the action is smooth and fast ,

Interesting Terry thank you for that!


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