What is your latest Benchmade knife purchase? I'll start things off. Yesterday I stumbled upon a pretty rare 800 AFCK. It's an 800-03/00 AL knife of the month from March 2000 (03/00)

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I purchased the Benchmade Sequel Special Edition Knife (707-161)

beautiful copper niobium inlays are the cardinal feature, the material used in the inlays are taken from huge copper cables interspersed with NbTi (Niobium Titanium) filaments that were used in massive particle accelerators, like the Tevatron accelerator, an advanced scientific measurement machine used to smash protons together at high rates of speed, AXIS lock, tow-toned/acid washed drop point, Crowned CPM-S90V super premium stainless steel (59-61 HRC), the handle is 3D machined 6AL-4V titanium with copper inlay, custom titanium pocket clip and heat colored hardware, limited to 175 piece run. **Only one in stock** Blade length 2.95" Blade thickness 0.100" Open 6.75" Closed 3.80" Weight 2.60 oz Handle Thickness 0.42" #36 of 175

Jeff that sounds awesome.  If you can post us a pic!

Here is my newest benchmade

Just got myself a 51 Morpho. :)


I picked up his'n'hers Barrages for my last Benchmade purchase. Just love them!


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