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Thought I'd start a new thread asking folks to show a Buck knife photo or two. I like just about anything made by Buck. But, am drawn to the Gold etch art knives and love stag handles.

Buck 124 with Colt Firearm's gold etch


David Yellowhorse Dream knife



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What is happening with the old standby #110 Folding Hunter??

After posting the above I took some time to surf the Buck website. Seems the venerable old $49.99 #110 Folding Hunter w/ Dynawood handles, 420 clip blade and brass bolsters is a thing of the past. The only versions offered on the website are the above mentioned #110 Folding Hunter LT with plastic handles, ($38), the #110 Folding Hunter Pro, ($125), and the #110 Auto, ($250). The #110 Folding Hunter LT has taken the price point once occupied by the "stock" #110. It means that the regular #110, THE knife that put Buck on the map, is now gone. I would start buying up pre-2018 #110's if I were you, if they will not be available anymore I suspect the pre-2018 knives will become more and more collectible.

I can see why, removing the brass bolsters and the wood from all but customized #110's will save the company money, which I would have to assume is a survival strategy on Buck's part. I'm just surprised they would eliminate THE knife that built the company in the first place in order to achieve that goal. Sign of the times I guess, but I can't say I'm not disappointed.

Ok,I found the "stock" #110 on the website..........at $92.00!! Is it just me or is that not a bit much for a "stock" 110?? I smell a fish.

That is Bucks MSRP, regular Buck dealers get their knives for 50% off that price. I'm sure large retailers will continue to set the price they want to pay.

Well, actually the #110 was listed on their site at $49.99 retail for years on end, as recently as last month, I know because I surf their site regularly. Now all of a sudden they are $92 for the stock version at the same time they introduce less expensive models. I suspect they may be trying to phase out the more expensive-to-manufacture "stock" version, (with brass bolsters and wood handles), and are gradually replacing it with alternate, less expensive-to-manufacture versions. I definitely believe they wouldn't dare to publicly announce the demise of their A #1 product, instead I wonder if they are taking the more costly version out the back door while we are all ooing and awing their "new" stuff hoping we won't notice. I'm sure I'm not the only one to quake at a $92 "stock" 110 price, a $42+ increase in their posted retail in the span of a month just desn't make sense unless they are trying to phase the version out. Something is up, not sure what, but a ninety dollar Buck 110 is suspicious, (and somewhat outrageous IMHO).

John Burton said:

That is Bucks MSRP, regular Buck dealers get their knives for 50% off that price. I'm sure large retailers will continue to set the price they want to pay.

Buck Dealer MSRP price list

2014 = $73

2015 = $77

2016 = $80

2017 = $82

2018 ? will not know until the new catalog comes in March. When I go to their web site it shows the standard Folding Hunter at $82 and for $7 more they will engrave it. The finger groove version is $92.

I did see their new Buck a month knife (new for this year) for January is $90 it's a limited edition of 100 knives.

Remember these are Bucks full MSRP prices, you will pay that if you buy direct from the factory. If you find a dealer you will get a big discount (about 60% of MSRP).


Well, you are probably right, but I looked at a 110 today at the local hardware store, their retail price for a NIB 110 was $49.99, ebay has new 110's for $35-$45, they are currently going for $39.99 at SMKW, and that "MSRP" price isn't to be found anywhere in any of those places. I was in the musical instrument business for years, so I am familiar with the scam that is a listed MSRP price, nobody EVER pays MSRP unless they are just dumb; why would Buck cut off their nose to spite their face by listing such an unrealistic price on their website? Do they hope some fool will go to their site and pay double for a knife? Why would they be so foolish? Are they bound by marketing agreements we don't know about? If so that is a foolish way to run a knife business in this modern age where foreign manufacturing threatens to eliminate US makers altogether. Like I said, you are probably right, but I still believe I saw $49.99 on the website recently, that has been their "street price", (or "Minimum Advertised Price" or MAP), for years, and after what recently happened to Queen, I see such things as Buck's confusing & misleading website, and them doggedly sticking to a stinkin' thinkin', old fashioned corporate way of thinking as a prelude to disaster for them. They better get a clue or they will follow Queen into oblivion.


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