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I'm probably missing something here. Where and how does one apply in order to post knives for sale here on iKC?

Have not been able to locate an application form.


Carl Rx


Your nor missing anything my friend.  This was such a big deal for us to offer sales that I honestly wanted to be able to talk to anyone interested.  I will send you my phone number

I got an email from Tony Bose yesterday and it had a link to 3 brand new videos done in his shop this week.  Thought I would share them with you

Tony Bose Visit 1.0: Wilfred Works Shop Tour

Tony Bose Visit 2.0: Interview With Tony

Tony Bose Visit 3.0: Tony with Evan Nicolaides... Passing the Wisdom


White River Knives

Reed Cutlery Company

Visit Lee' s Cutlery

gear2survive !


Boy's Knife is HERE


Click to view more

JSR Sports!


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