I was recently humbled to receive Member of the Year award for 2016.


I can recall when Jan first joined. JJ Smith III was my first official "iKC friend" back in early 2010. I've been around here for awhile & it was simply amazing to be honored in this way.

Thank you .. all.


I also received a Jantz gift certificate .. which I quickly put to good use. I ordered a Jantz pattern # 33 blade blank in D2 tempered to 60 +/- 1 HRC in a peened (sandblasted) finish ..&.. a 0.375” X 1.5” X 10.0” piece of black paper micarta. The blade blank is a measured 0.125" thick & has three tang holes ..  measuring ~ 0.144" diameter on one side & ~ 0.138" diameter on the other side .. there's a minor burr present on the small side. Not an issue ..since.. they're holes clearanced for common 0.125" (1/8") pin material.

The remainder of the requirements .. pins, scale material, adhesive, etc .. I'll use what's already available in-house.

I’m looking at Brazilian Brownheart for the wood. Brass & copper washers. Black paper micarta as the bolster.

On the blade blank .. I removed the rear step (originally meant to capture the bolster) from the blade blank. It turns out .. the width of the blade blank @ the intended point of the bolster .. 0.560” .. is @ or within a few thousands of the widest point of the remainder of the tang .. once the step is removed. I machined a 0.125” X 0.560” slot in the micarta to accept the blade blank. I also sanded a few thousands from the lower part of the tang .. insuring that the bolster spot was the widest point of the tang.

To do washers .. I’ll need about a 1” square of material. The smallest amount of copper material I could find @ the hardware store was 0.062” X 4” X 10” for just under $ 8.oo. I went to the plumbing section & picked up a copper 3/4” dia splice fitting for $ 1.49 + tax. I’ll need to cut a slot in it .. anneal it .. flatten it .. blank out a ~1" square ..&.. machine a 0.125 X 0.560 slot into it. I already have brass flat stock in a couple of thicknesses that I can use. I intend to do some combination of alternating brass & copper washers between the black micarta bolster & the Brazilian Heartwood scales.

I used a 0.125” end mill to machine the slot in the micarta. SO0o .. the ends of the slot were round. I used a 6” file to square the corners of the slot & for final fit to the blade blank. I .. somewhat tediously .. fit the micarta to the tang until the micarta could just be forced onto the bolster area of the tang. It is a tight press fit at the moment.

I did some quick research on annealing copper. It has to be heated to about 500 deg F & then allowed to air cool. If you're short on patience .. a water quench will apparently obtain workable results. Copper is also a metal that work hardens. SO0o .. I may need to anneal it more than once during the flattening & blanking process.

The 3/4" copper splice is slit lengthwise & I’ve began the annealing process. I heated the splice fitting with a propane torch as hot as I could get it & held it there for 1~2 minutes. It is now air cooling. It turns out .. it’s a rather large chuck of copper to be annealing with a propane torch. Copper conducts heat very well, i.e. it’s a great heat sink. I may have to cut out the smaller 1” X 1” square & anneal just that .. I’ll see.


This is the current point in the process. I'll post further progress pics .. as I progress .. in the comments section.



D ale

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The copper annealed just fine & I was able to open the tube easily with just my hands.

I used a wooden mallet (gently) & a thick flat board to get it usably flat.

I then clamped it in a vice & got it really flat.

The result is a piece that measures 0.044" X 1.608" X 2.842" .. easily enough for 2 usable blanks.

The small pinch mark is where I clamped it with a pair of needle nose vice grips during heating / cooling.

I'm happy with the results.


It's sitting on a Brazilian Brownheart sheath I assembled for a small dagger in the lower pic.

Which .. is not finished out yet.

Great project, ill be watching. 

That copper did anneal and flatten very well.  I like the layering idea and am anxious to see how it looks when done

Meager progress.

Decided on some Osage Orange over the Brazilian Brownheart.

The Osage just ages SO0o well.

I've found .. a combination of brass & copper really compliment the Osage.

I slit a 1" X 1" X 5.5" piece .. corner to corner.

Got me a matched set of scales.


Need to machine tang slots in the brass & copper & then blank to ~ 1" sq.

Getting closer.



D ale

Hey hey .. more progress today.

Blanked out the micarta bolster and the brass & copper washers.

The blade blank was set up for a 1/4" thick bolster.

I'm using 3/8" thick micarta .. which I'm pinning in place.

To center the pin in the 3/8 thick micarta .. I needed to inset the blade blank tang stop 1/8" into the micarta.

I machined the required area .. 0.050" L & .125" D .. then broke the tip of my utility knife squaring up the slot.


minor problem .. already rectified


I left 2 of the washers just blanked & with the machined slot .. rounded on either end.

The two installed washers .. I easily squared up the corners with a Nicholson 6" mill bastard file.


I'll be doing mosaic pins for the bolster & scales.

There's a slightly tapered 1/8" brass rod in there @ the moment.



D ale

Looking good, waiting to see how you shape the bolster and washers. 

I am also excited to see this one coming together.  The unique mix of materials has me smiling every time I see the next step happening!  Be careful with the osage, I am a big fan of it also but it is not a great product to be breathing in

Made some progress today .. was forced to take a brief hiatus .. life.

Anyway .. got the black paper micarta (part of the future bolster) pinned & epoxied in place.

Placement of the washers will be next.

I formed a very simple mosaic pin for the micarta.

I used a dark grey 2-part epoxy ..hence.. the dark dot in the middle.

Next will be epoxying & clamping the brass & copper washers in place.

Then I'll be ready to attach the scales.

I'll use a clear epoxy for that.

I'll be making similar pins ..however.. I'll be mixing Osage Orange dust in the epoxy for those pins.

Which should result in a brownish dot in the center.


Slow ..but.. sure.



D ale


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