This is the place to show and discuss small knives. Penknives, lobsters, peanuts, tuxedos, ladies and gents knives of all kinds are welcome.

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I like both! I think I'll be ordering a Amber Bone Peanut next month.....plus a couple of others.

I really like the look of that Amber bone.

It seems it's one of their most popular handles. You can get a bunch of them in CV too. BUT, not the Peanut for some reason. 

now this isn't mine, but but I sure would like to have a specimen like this.


PAINTED PONY DESIGN.....anyone have one?  

No painted ponies but someday I'll have a Yellowhorse!


Sue OldsWidow said:

now this isn't mine, but but I sure would like to have a specimen like this.


Here is an interesting little knife.  I bought it several years ago in Estes Park, Colorado in one of the souvenir shops.

I'm not sure why, but I kinda like orange knives. Is orange the new yellow? LOL!

Tobias Gibson said:

I've got another on the way.  These are the Two Case Peanuts I have.  A Tangerine Bone and a Amber Jigged.

I have 2 Lone Wolf PAUL Defenders tricked out by Mr. Prater, but those are not small knives.

Sue OldsWidow said:

PAINTED PONY DESIGN.....anyone have one?  

Jet-Aer  Small Lock-back w/Scissors.

A nice little knife, I assume from the 1980s or 1990s but it could be older.  Don’t know much about it.  It was a found in box of old rusty knives.  It needed a little oiling and minor clean up.   I’ve never seen a small lock-back manicure/fly fisher knife.

I don’t know anything about the company.


Tang, Obverse:  Japan

Tang, Reverse:  JET-AER CORP / PATERSON N.J./07524 U.S.A.

Blade etch, obverse:  a “V”  (see pictures)

Blade etch, reverse: G96 Brand/ Knife Makers no.806 Choice (see pictures)


Overall length  2 7/8 inches approx..

Blade: Small clip 1 ¾ inches 1 ½ inch edge (locks)

Scissors:  ½ cutting jaws, spring loaded.

Blade locks open

Wood sales, stainless steel throughout

Do mini's count? My wife collects mini's.And she even has a mini Spydie. I don't have a picture of it. I guess I will have to take one. It is called the bug.


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