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   Kaylin and I went to the Charlotte Woodcarvers Club, annual show, this past weekend, and I was fortunate to see Robert Stadtlander, from Stadtlander Woodcarvings.  I was hoping to find an OarCarver at the show, and Stadtlander is THE source, for this and other Oar Carvers as well as a couple of other Queen patterns.


   I opted for the "Single Locker" version.

   As seen in the enclosed paperwork, They offer the knife either with the factory edge, or sharpened to a carving edge (basically flat ground). 

   I chose the factory edge because I prefer a more robust edge, for carving my peach pits. The pre sharpened edges would be perfect for other carvings and general detail work.

   Basically, this Oar Carver is a modified Queen Cutlery #41-L, Locking Copperhead with a modified blade.  3 3/4", closed, with a 1 1/2' blade.

They are offered in American Walnut, Zebra Wood, Smooth Black Cherry, Aged Honey Amber Stag Bone and Abalone.  While the smooth wood/bone/Abalone knives feel great in hand, I bought the Honey Amber Stag.  (Guess that's the collector in me coming out).


   Fit and finish it typically Queen, and provides great pleasure to hold.

   Functionally, care needs to be taken with opening the blade.  The nail pull is very shallow, (which is my primary complaint with all the Queen knives that I own). 

   There is a substantial half stop, and the liner lock is not so prominent as to cause irritation when in use.

   The modified D-2, Queen Steel blade looks to be well suited to its task of detail carving.

   All in all, this version of the Oar Carver, should be a welcome addition to my carving kit.

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I have one of the two blade Oar Carvers and it is a great whittler. Probably my favorite whittler.

Never able to find one of the 2 blades at the shows.  Maybe next weekend in Charlotte.  Someone may have one.

I hope you can find one there JJ

I ordered mine from Stadtlander and shipping was prompt. I got the version 2 as I liked the smaller blade on one end. Good luck with finding one.

Robert is looking for someone to make theset, for him, now that Queen is out of operation.

J.J. Smith,

 Oh no! I didn't know that. Dang, I sent a two blade trapper in for repair in early December. They owe me! I guess I'll stand in line. :-(

I knew Queen was attempting reorganization and It hadn't occurred to me that they were the supplier. Hope they find some one. It is a super knife. 

J.J. Smith III said:

Robert is looking for someone to make theset, for him, now that Queen is out of operation.


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