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Puma White Hunter.. Manufactured in Jan. 1968 #6377.Very clean knife with orig. sheath.

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Comment by Ellis H. Roberson yesterday

Yes, the sheath is showing it's age.. After all, it's about 50 yrs old.. Thank goodness it's ;the orig. sheath. I really like the White Hunter.

Comment by David Gallup yesterday

The knife looks amazing since the sheath looks like it's been around the world.  Love that pattern, beautiful grind lines.

Comment by Scott Giacoppo on Tuesday

That’s a really nice knife!

Comment by Billy Oneale on Tuesday

Nice one, Ellis

Comment by Craig Henry on Monday

Nice old Puma Ellis! 

Comment by Ellis H. Roberson on Sunday

The Puma White Hunter has been the classic. Linder makes the Trapper which is basically the same.. Both are really nice German Made knives.. It's a tossup as to whether I keep this one or sell. You could not even to believe how clean and tight this knife is.. The scales are fantastic and the blade shows no wear. 

Comment by Michael D. Mitchell on Sunday

Ellis,  Nice Knife, I Really like the Blade Shape, it reminds me of my Queen Cutlery Classic's, Cotton Sampler.

Comment by Jeremy B. Buchanan on Sunday

Nice find Ellis. Looks like a keeper to me.

Comment by Ellis H. Roberson on Sunday

Thanks for the comments, John and Lars.. I'm kinda at a loss as to whether to se-ll this one or put it in the drawer.. Very nice for the yrs.. 

Comment by John Bamford on Sunday

I always liked those and this one looks to have lived a little.

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