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Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble identifying this knife. Not that I know anything about knives anyway, but all I could find out was that the style is 'clip-point' or antique Bowie. I've seen photos of an 'original style guardless Bowie knife' which seem a bit like it to me, though I can't find any with an engraved handle like mine.

It was found by my grandad 40+ years ago hidden inside the wall of an old Georgian house in Dublin, Ireland when he was installing telephone wires. The house he was working on could have been as old as early 1700s or as modern as late 1800s.

The handle is engraved with a sort of floral pattern, and looks to be made of ebony or rosewood to me, though I wouldn't really know. There's no logo or other markings of any kind that I can see. Any help in identifying this knife / finding some more information about it would be appreciated!

Also, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong category here. I'm a bit unsure, but this one seems the most appropriate for my question.

Thank you!

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I am not as up on Irish antiques as I could be. Let me do some research.  It is an interesting knife!

Hi Jan,

Thanks for having a look anyway! I wouldn't have the first clue what to look for in identifying a knife so any info you might offer would be helpful :)

Awesome looking knife. Very hard to nail down without any markings of any kind, which would help to identify maker, and how old. Hopefully someone with knowledge in this style can shed some insight.

That is a really interesting looking knife. I look forward to some information. 

Jan Carter said:

Thanks for the replies everyone. Haven't had much luck myself finding anything new on it. One point I forgot to note was that there's a hole going through the top of the handle as if it were tied onto something, maybe that's important?

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