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I've just put together a prototype belt pouch design using a few techniques I've not tried before.

I've used goat hide and cross laminated it back to back, outside dyed black and inside left in natural tan colour. I'd normally use a veg tan 2.5mm leather for this style but that can be quite rigid, this offers quite a bit more flexibility but still with a nice weight.

I've also used a Tanex pull fastener which is a first for me, it's worked out quite nicely, very robust.

A few things I'd do differently next time but I guess that's the point of a prototype :-)

cheers all

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Lookin' great, Jamie! I think my only suggestion would be to round off those corners on the flap. It would make it less likely to snag on something when sitting down or brushing against something. I love to look and the two tone, though! Awesome job.

hello Jamie. I like the pull fastener, is it very stiff to pull ? I have found sometimes this type of fastener can be a bit sticky unless pulled directly from the center but I have never tried this type of pull fastener.very nice pouch . clean stitching too .

Very nice, Jamie.  I'm with Steve on the rounded flap, but I love the look.

Wow!  Super nice work!!


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