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    I had not planned to buy the GEC#12 Sambar toothpick knife.  I went to the KnivesShipFree web-sight.  KnivesShipFree had 45 GEC#12 Sambar Stag knives.  I found a smooth Sambar Stag that was super Phat.  The only phat GEC #12 Sambar knife that I have ever seen.  The thinner Sambar knives look better with the powder-horn design.  The phatter knife works better for me.  Opening this phat knife between my knees and my left thumb nail will be a breeze.  This toothpick knife looks like it is going to have a baby knife.  This #12 knife was made just for me.  Only 4 dealers had Sambar #12s so far , and I spotted 3 #12 Sambar knives left.  More dealers will be putting them out this week , so don't give up.  The Northfield #12 Copper-head pony cut bone/propeller shield knives are next.   The DLT Trading SFO & the Frank's SFO knives are still available. 

Here is a pic of the Ebony & Jigged Lamb's Foot SFO.



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