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iKC Arsenal Hosted By Charles Sample


iKC Arsenal Hosted By Charles Sample

A Group for members who believe in and use their 2nd amendment right. A place to show, share and discuss the firearms collected and enjoyed by fellow members. 

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A dead Turkey can hurt you???

Started by Jan Carter. Last reply by Rome D. Rushing May 6. 3 Replies

I really like this writer Russ Chastain.  He writes about some unusual things.What not to do after you shoot a turkey.Continue

Tags: shoot, a, turkey., you, after

A little something to pass the time.

Started by Rome D. Rushing. Last reply by Charles Sample Apr 25. 2 Replies

I know this one has been altered but it is still a 1911A1.This is a newer model 22-4/1917.…Continue

New Guy ..

Started by James L Machie sr. Last reply by Michael E. Roper Jan 30. 4 Replies

First post so take it easy on me. Who doesn't like guns right? Here's a shot of one of my favorites....Norinco NHM 91Continue

My latest firearm

Started by David Green. Last reply by Michael E. Roper Jan 30. 2 Replies

This is a color case hardened North American Arms mini revolver.I love the old time looks. I have larger and larger caliber handguns, but I love these little guys and currently own 6.DavidContinue

Deer Hunting

Started by Charles Sample. Last reply by Charles Sample Dec 22, 2018. 1 Reply

Went deer hunting Saturday morning.  Saw four, three does and a little button buck fawn.  He was a cute little fellow.  Went again Monday afternoon.  Didn't see anything.Went again this (Tuesday) afternoon.  Didn't see any deer.  Did see a coyote. …Continue

Another reason to carry a knife!

Started by Charles Sample. Last reply by Jan Carter Dec 19, 2018. 1 Reply

This fellow's pocket knife kept him from getting shot by stopping the bullet.  If it were me that knife would be displayed in a special place of honor and no amount of money would buy it.…Continue

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Comment by Jan Carter on March 14, 2019 at 17:33

I am thinking Charles they may indeed be up against that from a number of previous customers.  I feel like they used slumping sales to get away from saying because we don't want to sell them.  I have not heard any company with slumping gun and ammo sales.

Comment by Charles Sample on March 13, 2019 at 19:02

I will never buy another thing from Dicks. I used to buy quite a bit from them.

Comment by Jan Carter on March 13, 2019 at 18:23

Dick's Sporting Goods will remove guns from 125 stores amid slumping sales, reports say



Comment by Jan Carter on March 11, 2019 at 19:18

Comment by Charles Sample on March 11, 2019 at 19:09

Phillip, my wife used to shoot my Marlin too.  She isn't able to get out now but when she was, she was a good shot with it.  One day I was standing behind her watching her target with binoculars.  The target was set up at the 25 yard range.  She was putting every shot in or close to the 10 ring.   The interesting part was I could watch every bullet she fired on its way down range to the target.

I had the Marlin set up that way because my son was in JROTC in high school.  He was on the rifle team.  They used Anschutz target rifles supplied by the Army.  I equipped the sights on the Marlin as close as I could to what he was shooting on the rifle team so he could practice on his own.  His junior year he was the top individual shooter in the North Alabama Rifle league.  He beat another kid from another high school by an average of half a point.  That kid later went to the Air Force Academy and made the rifle team there.  My son's senior year another kid on his own team beat him for high shooter honors by a total of seven points.  So since each shot was worth ten points, that means the difference between them for the whole season was less than one shot.

Comment by Philip C. Frank Jr on March 11, 2019 at 10:36

Interesting that you mentioned the Mountie, and especially the accompanying photos. Sometime in 65 or 66 the wife and I were living in an apartment in Loveland and became acquainted with another apartment dweller  who was a gun nut also. Back then we were poor as church mice, (really haven't improved much) so our entertainment was a weekly trip to a farmers dump east of town out in the dryland, to shoot misc. junk and towards evening, after they became active, rats. At the time I had the 1st 10-22 that was shipped to Loveland and an OLD, WORN REM M-12 that worked most of  the time. One day we invited the neighbor to come along and lo and behold he had a Mountie, virtually identical to your photos, sling, receiver sight and all. Unfortunately the barrel had a ring in it but that did not seem to affect the accuracy even a tiny bit. Martin, the neighbor, let my wife shoot the Mountie. When she finished the 1st magazine she turned to me and said, "I really like this gun". WOOHOO! I was working for less than $2.00 an hour but I went down and put a Mountie on lay-away. If I recall correctly, I paid $72.00 for it. Took a while to pay off. Gave it to her for Christmas. She would consistently out shoot me with that little rifle.

Many years later I purchased a REM 40-X Sporter, repeater, and set it up with a Leupold 3x9AO mounted in Buehler base and rings, Canjar single set trigger and found a case of WIN pistol match ammo that it loved. I made a set of swinger silhouette targets, the scaled down version of the full sized silhouette targets,  and  when we would have  time, we would shoot these targets. Sad to say, but she would invariably out shoot me. The longer it went, the madder I got and, naturally, my shooting deteriorated in direct proportion to my anger. Understand, my anger was NOT at her, just the fact that here I had this hoity-toity deluxe model rifle and she was showing me how it was done with just a plain old iron sighted Mountie shooting cheapo WIN Wildcat ammo.

Well, here it is 50+ years later, she still has the Mountie, the REM is long gone and I would wager she could still outshoot me with whatever I chose to use.

Comment by Charles Sample on March 10, 2019 at 20:41

Phillip, thank you for joining the Arsenal group and thank you for posting.   You and I are about the same age.  I was born in 1946.  I like guns also and was into guns before I was into knives.  I have never done the AR thing.  The closest I have to an AR is an SKS.

I do have a cell phone but it is a bare bones little flip phone.  My seven year old grandson keeps telling me I need to get a smart phone but I do not want one.  I come from an era when our telephone was a big wooden box hanging on the wall with a crank on the side.  And we were on a party line with about ten other people.

I like .22's also.  I have five, three pistols and two rifles.  I do have a 10-22 but I also have a rifle that might be interesting to you.  It is a Marlin Golden 39A Mountie.  According to the serial number it was manufactured in 1967.  It has had many thousands of rounds fired through it.


Comment by Philip C. Frank Jr on March 10, 2019 at 11:55

Hello All. Thank you for the warm welcome

As I stated in my profile, I'm not a knife collector, or actually a collector of anything. I believe I would be more accurately described as an "accumulator" or another way of putting it, "gatherer of stuff in largish piles" most of which is usually just that, "stuff". I have a couple of knives that I acquired over the years and was curious about the value so found this site and joined up.

Guns have been pretty much my life since I was old enough to know what one was, which would have started in the mid/late 1940s.

As you can see my photo is of an FN-FAL G-1 version, DuraCoated in German Gray/Green.

However, as much as I like my FAL I have reverted to my childhood and am now, finally, able to afford and shoot the 22s I lusted after in my youth. I am mainly focusing on the 22s made before 1964 or so, with ZERO interest in the 10-22.

I have a very eclectic interest in guns and at any moment anything can attract my interest, except "tactical". Nothing at all against it, it just doesn't hold any interest for me. I just recently, year or two ago, ended my third iteration of the AR love affair and that will be the last one. I was able to come to some definite conclusions about the AR platform as it relates to me and decided it doesn't, so except for an H-Bar and an M-4 configured AR-15 ( I think they are still somewhere in the back of the safe) my "black" gun days are done.

I don't do ANY social media nor do I have a cell phone. It was difficult enough for those around me  to drag me kicking and screaming to learn the bare bones basics of operating a computer. Yeah, I'm an old dinosaur. Oh well.

I guess this old man's ramblings have gone on long enough. Once again thank you all for the warm welcome.

Comment by Jan Carter on January 22, 2019 at 21:31

Comment by Jan Carter on January 22, 2019 at 21:05

6 Hot New SIG Sauer Guns for 2019

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