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Getting around in iKnifeCollector.com

A good many times I have heard, you’re not set up like a forum and I keep getting lost.  So I have decided we need a cheat sheet.

The main page of iKC is where everything has its roots but from any page you can reach the navigation bar at the top

You can bring yourself to the main page from anywhere by clicking main

Once there the set up pretty much stays that same

THE LEFT COLUMN              THE CENTER COLUMN                              THE RIGHT COLUMN

WHAT IS HOT                        GROUPS                                                     INBOX/SETTINGS

FORUMS                               PHOTO SLIDE SHOW                                 LATEST ACTIVITY

BIRTHDAYS                           BLOGS                                                       SPONSORS




Notice the navigation bar at the top will also take you to the same places.  The biggest different is when you come in from the main page of iKC, it shows you the latest in each of those categories.  There are more tabs at the top that you can explore but this is the basics for navigating around our site.

Have some fun, visit a portion of the site you have not previously seen.  Did you know we have over 70 specialty GROUPS to talk about your favorite brand, outdoor activities, survival, shooting, repairing knives or even the beginning builder.

As always, Thanks for being here with us.  The members are what make our site a home

Jan Carter          

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Thanks, Jan. Am "electronically challenged" and need all the tips on getting around the site I can get. Bob Hollingsworth

Your welcome Bob, also if you have any issues there is usually someone in the chatroom that can help.  Just click the chat at the top of the page :)



Thank you!
Steve Scheuerman (Manx) said:


Jan and J.J., I'm NOT Very Computer Literate, soooo i'm gonna try to figure out ?How to Receive and Send Messages??. I Don't use Twitter, Facbook or Any of that "Social Media Stuff", My hang up, i use Regular ole email, @ mdmzoila@gmail.com.




The system here is an email system and VERY easy to use.  Go to the persons page by clicking on their name.  Look under the picture on the left and you will see a link for "send a message"  as for receiving them.  The upper right hand corner of any page has you inbox.  I will send you a test email so you know what it looks like.

Steve Hanner said:

Some great advice Jan. We are diffrent than many Forums. We. are somewhat like FB except here we won't    chase you out for posting a pic of a knife!     

Good Kumback Steve, I'm a NewBee.


Jan, GraciaZ  for the "Welcome".


AdioZ for Now.

how to add knives for sale?


steven patterson said:

how to add knives for sale?

Jan I'm a 72 year old computer dummy. I would like to post my photos on this site but couldn't add text with the photos. Also would like to be friends with other miniature makers. I'm another one of those that is a member of other knife forums. But this one is different either that or I'm just dumb and dumber . HELP.
Regards Ray.

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