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The first Tuna of 2015!!


Member Needs & Prayer Requests

Started by Scott King in Personal, but not too. Last reply by Indian 6 hours ago. 814 Replies

Member needs and prayer requests

Tags: needs, medical, requests, prayer

Purchases in 2015.

Started by John Bamford in General Knife Discussions. Last reply by John Bamford 7 hours ago. 38 Replies

Anyone got anything special planned by way of knife purchases in the coming year. As it is only my second year of being a knife collector rather than a person who just has a few , one or two , knives about him.  I was thinking of planning this years…Continue

OK lets talk America...

Started by Nick Arsenault in Personal, but not too. Last reply by dead_left_knife_guy 11 hours ago. 45 Replies

Lately the government has been pissing us all off... with the recession, and political leaders taking away or rights that are in the bill of rights and constitution, like the bill that MIGHT be passed to make it illegal to have assisted opening…Continue

It is time...2015 iKC knife

Started by Jan Carter in Member News & Announcements. Last reply by D ale 12 hours ago. 123 Replies

So here we are 2015 and we need a knife!!!!  Again, I don't like to just choose one and say this is it.  This is OUR community knife not my personal knife.As with last year I want 125.00 or below in your hand.  We only run 50 so they need to be in a…Continue

Tags: knife, iKC, 2015

Is this a Buck?

Started by Robert Pineyro in Knife Q&A With John McCain. Last reply by Jan Carter yesterday. 3 Replies

This is all of the photo I have for now. 1950's? Anyone know if it's being produced or if it can be made or customized? Thanx.

Name the 5 top things to do when you join iKnife Collector!

Started by Steve Hanner in Exploring iKnifeCollector Community. Last reply by Jan Carter yesterday. 35 Replies

1. Load a profile picture and make some friends 2 .Answer discussions or post…Continue

Tags: join, iKnifeCollector, top5

Sometimes you have to look past the grime and rust

Started by John McCain in General Knife Discussions. Last reply by Jan Carter yesterday. 7 Replies

I bought this Uncle Henry 885 UH King ranch along with a 1945-1955 Hammer Brand, a Ulster BSA parts knife which is on it's way to Charles, and 3 other parts knives for the whopping total of $10 bucks at an antique/second hand store a while back. All…Continue

A $30 Hinderer?

Started by Stanley May in A Sharper Review. Last reply by Jay Enterkin on Thursday. 14 Replies

Today’s review will focus on the Kershaw Cryo Hinderer assisted opening 1555BW pocket knife.  I would classify this knife as a small to medium assisted opening tactical knife whose primary purpose is obviously an EDC.  This knife is collaboration…Continue

Tags: BW, 1555, Hinderer, Cryo, Kershaw

Local Knife Meetups - Clubs, Swap Meets, Luncheons, whatever

Started by Jay Enterkin in General Knife Discussions. Last reply by Jay Enterkin on Thursday. 6 Replies

As much as I enjoy iKnifeCollector.com, I would REALLY enjoy meeting other people locally who share the same interest in knives, knife collecting and related topics.I have looked high and low for local knife clubs, swap meets or get togethers, to no…Continue

Tags: local, meet, swap, meetup, club

Danny playing in the snow in the warm sunny South!

Started by Charles Sample in General Non-Knife Discussions. Last reply by Charles Sample on Thursday. 6 Replies

This is Danny playing in his first big snow.…Continue

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