76 years, less than month and a half away

   Still kicking and grinning,

    Much has gone on for me in the last couple of yrs. I recently had cataract eye surgery on both eyes. I knew I had cataracts 6 or 7 yrs ago but they were not bad or so I thought. It was pretty much the right eye. I was more concerned with being diganosed with Glacoma and so I worked with that issue.  when I moved to AR. it was new Eye Dr and he told me I had cataracts and should consider having them removed. I of course decided at that time they were not that bad.

   4 Yrs later. its getting dark outside during the day. I have the brightness on my computer monitors turned up pretty high. Driving at night is to be avoided as I am blinded by oncoming cars. playing my favorite car race game. crashing into walls, my eye hand cordination is way off and its getting very had to see the different shades of colors. 

   A consolation with my eye Dr and over to eye surgen to get me evaluated before the surgery. I am very happy to say all went very well. Both eyes are done and I can see and that in it self is a gift I will not waste. The first thing I noticed was how bright my monitors/TV were. And I was very surprised to see how much I had the brightness turned  up. on all of them.. My hand eye cordnation has gotten much better when playing my car race game  :)

  everything else is as it should be. I've been looking at a few knives made locally and they are very nice. Health wise I'm still good. been thinking about doing a bit of fishing  :). I need to get out of the house. go to the lake pretty early and fish until about noon or so and go look at those knives one more time. there is one I really keep thinking about and how good it will look added to my collection.  Knife addiction?  Why of course. I would not have it any other way. Until the next blog post   Wally G.

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Comment by Jan Carter on April 9, 2024 at 11:32


It is so good to see you here! I am very happy that you are seeing better

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