At some point, I answered a question on a Facebook group for Mora users & collectors.  While that answer was a bit of a knife review in brief, I have no idea what happened to that reply I made and it's likely forever lost to the annals of Facebook.

The summary, however, is this:  the Cold Steel SRK-C ("C" standing for "compact") is a very viable alternative to the Mora Garberg.  The SRK-C has a saber grind, similar to the Garberg's, but the grind is higher, giving the SRK-C better geometry for slicing.  The Garberg's handle is girthier & likely more hand-filling than the SRK-C's handle, and the Garberg does not have a blade coating.  But the SRK-C is about one half the price of the Garberg.

And the reason for the timing of this post is that Atlantic Knife is having a sale on the Cold Steel SRK-C right now, just under $40.  Here's the link:  Cold Steel SRK-Compact  This is a seriously good knife, and worth checking out, certainly at this price point.  If you want a slightly larger knife (with a more hand-filling handle), the full-sized Cold Steel SRK is a solid choice (though it's worth noting that the full-sized version has a hollow grind).

I know these knives aren't everyone's style, but they're excellent choices for use.  If you have any experience with any of these knives, I definitely welcome your comments below!

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Comment by Lars Ray on March 8, 2022 at 13:36

Ooh-da-lolly! What a great sale!

Say...aren't you the guy affiliated with the Knife Center free Shipping campaigns?  :-)

Yessir - gonna have to consider one of these. Price notwithstanding, I think you had me at "girthier"....love those knife tech terms.

Thanks for the heads up!

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