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FREE SHIPPING @ Knife Center this weekend!

Hello again there everybody!  (For some reason these words are going through my head in the voice of Nick Shabazz -- for those of you who don't know him, type his name into YouTube for incredibly informative knife reviews -- with a lot of dry but often intelligent humor.  But I digress.)

What I am really posting about today is YET ANOTHER WEEKEND OF FREE SHIPPING, this time from Knifecenter.com. …


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FREE SHIPPING @ BladeHQ for Labor Day has begun!

And here's another BladeHQ sale -- more importantly with FREE SHIPPING (no minimum -- oversized items probably excluded)!  

Here's the link:  https://www.bladehq.com/cat--Labor-Day-Sale-2021--3648

Oh, & the sale states that it runs through Monday.  Oddly, there's a clock they gratuitously posted for the sale -- fine enough, but it runs down through midnight Sunday (&not Labor Day Monday, which was…


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National Knife Day 8/24/2019!

Every year we have an excuse to buy a new knife -- National Knife Day, every August 24!  

Yeah, I know it's a holiday made up by a marketing department to sell knives, & none of us really need an excuse to buy another knife.

That aside, what are your plans for celebrating...?  :)

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Camillus CK9: The knife used by Dual Survival's Grady Powell

Recently I had the chance to watch another episode of the current season of Dual Survival, & again got to see Grady Powell using the Camillus CK9.  Somewhere I saw someone online stating that Grady Powell designed the knife, but I have not yet been able to confirm or deny this.  Camillus has very little detail on the CK9 on its website, & of course TOPS doesn't have anything public about this on its website because it's not technically a TOPS knife.

Grady Powell designed…


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TOPS Knives President Mike Fuller

Okay, this is an interesting story.  I don't know what to think of it.  I'm a big fan of TOPS Knives, but this story is too important to not post something about it.  


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Knife throwing, anyone? Anyone?

Are there any other knife throwers here? If so, anyone recognize the logo on the cup? :)

I notice there's not a group for throwers, hm...

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Clean, measured knife-making!

This video from Gough Custom Knives just floored me -- his shop is so clean, & his work so measured...  This was 12 minutes of video worth watching, especially for those of us who have aspirations to make beautiful knives ourselves.


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White River Knives

Reed Cutlery Company

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Maher & Grosh



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