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Free shipping @ Knife Center this weekend, & the weekend started EARLY!

Well TOP O' THE WEEKEND to ya!  KnifeCenter.com is holding another free shipping weekend, & with a little LUCK O' THE IRISH, apparently the weekend as started early because that coupon code is available NOW!

As usual, the free shipping coupon code is FREESHIP, the website is https://www.knifecenter.com/listing/free-shipping-this-weekend , & oversized items are…


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Cold Steel SRK-C vs. Mora Garberg

At some point, I answered a question on a Facebook group for Mora users & collectors.  While that answer was a bit of a knife review in brief, I have no idea what happened to that reply I made and it's likely forever lost to the annals of Facebook.

The summary, however, is this:  the Cold Steel SRK-C ("C" standing for "compact") is a very viable alternative to the Mora Garberg.  The SRK-C has a saber grind, similar to the Garberg's, but the grind is higher, giving the SRK-C better…


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Blade HQ Has Free Shipping for President's Day Weekend!

Hey all!  This time it's Blade HQ that's offering the free shipping -- and from what I can tell, there's no size limit!  (I often pick up a machete during the Blade HQ free shipping sales; I placed a machete in my cart again this time, & again, the shipping was listed as "FREE"!)  And as far as I can see, there's no minimum (I had a $12 item in my cart, & the shipping was also listed as "FREE").

The sale starts today, Friday, 2/18/22, & goes through President's Day,…


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It's another FREE SHIPPING weekend @ Knifecenter.com!

Well well well, here we are yet again with a FREE SHIPPING weekend at Knifecenter.com!  Just use the code FREESHIP at checkout, & remember that certain exceptions apply (mostly the large stuff like machetes & heavy stuff like axes).

And while Atlantic Knife & White Mountain Knives have free shipping all the time, Knife Center has a larger inventory, so I think it's still worthwhile. 

While I'm not affiliated with Knifecenter.com in any way, I will disclose the fact…


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FREE SHIPPING @ Knife Center this weekend, SMKW 12 Days of Christmas, & More!

Here it is again, everybody!  Free shipping this weekend at Knifecenter.com using promo code SANTA at checkout (excludes big stuff) -- sale goes through 12/12/21.  https://www.knifecenter.com/listing/free-shipping-this-weekend 

SMKW is still doing their 12 Days of Christmas -- I believe they're going into Day 11 as I write this on December 11.  That means daily specials,…


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SMKW's 12 Days of Christmas Sale is ON!

For those who may be interested (& I'm guessing that may be quite a lot of us), Smoky Mountain Knife Works is doing their annual 12 Days of Christmas sale -- & if you're reading this on Saturday, December 4, it's Day 4 of the sale.

They have some knives & other items on decent sale, along with a daily, advent-calendar-style special.  But for me, the really big thing is the free Fed Ex shipping with $39 purchase.  I'd be happier with no-minimum shipping, but let's face it,…


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Another FREE SHIPPING weekend @ Knifecenter.com

Hello again, y'all!  Just making a quick post here to let everyone know there's FREE SHIPPING over at Knifecenter.com this weekend!  I'm in no way affiliated with Knife Center, I just really prefer to save the almost $10 shipping charge whenever possible -- & I figure y'all would appreciate that as well.

Here's the link:  …


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Happy Halloween to All!

Just posting a quick blog to say Happy Halloween, everybody! 

Wishing you more treats than tricks this year,



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FREE SHIPPING @ Knife Center this weekend!

Hello again there everybody!  (For some reason these words are going through my head in the voice of Nick Shabazz -- for those of you who don't know him, type his name into YouTube for incredibly informative knife reviews -- with a lot of dry but often intelligent humor.  But I digress.)

What I am really posting about today is YET ANOTHER WEEKEND OF FREE SHIPPING, this time from Knifecenter.com. …


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FREE SHIPPING @ BladeHQ for Labor Day has begun!

And here's another BladeHQ sale -- more importantly with FREE SHIPPING (no minimum -- oversized items probably excluded)!  

Here's the link:  https://www.bladehq.com/cat--Labor-Day-Sale-2021--3648

Oh, & the sale states that it runs through Monday.  Oddly, there's a clock they gratuitously posted for the sale -- fine enough, but it runs down through midnight Sunday (&not Labor Day Monday, which was…


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National Knife Day 8/24/2019!

Every year we have an excuse to buy a new knife -- National Knife Day, every August 24!  

Yeah, I know it's a holiday made up by a marketing department to sell knives, & none of us really need an excuse to buy another knife.

That aside, what are your plans for celebrating...?  :)

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Camillus CK9: The knife used by Dual Survival's Grady Powell

Recently I had the chance to watch another episode of the current season of Dual Survival, & again got to see Grady Powell using the Camillus CK9.  Somewhere I saw someone online stating that Grady Powell designed the knife, but I have not yet been able to confirm or deny this.  Camillus has very little detail on the CK9 on its website, & of course TOPS doesn't have anything public about this on its website because it's not technically a TOPS knife.

Grady Powell designed…


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TOPS Knives President Mike Fuller

Okay, this is an interesting story.  I don't know what to think of it.  I'm a big fan of TOPS Knives, but this story is too important to not post something about it.  


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Knife throwing, anyone? Anyone?

Are there any other knife throwers here? If so, anyone recognize the logo on the cup? :)

I notice there's not a group for throwers, hm...

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Clean, measured knife-making!

This video from Gough Custom Knives just floored me -- his shop is so clean, & his work so measured...  This was 12 minutes of video worth watching, especially for those of us who have aspirations to make beautiful knives ourselves.


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