Camillus CK9: The knife used by Dual Survival's Grady Powell

Recently I had the chance to watch another episode of the current season of Dual Survival, & again got to see Grady Powell using the Camillus CK9.  Somewhere I saw someone online stating that Grady Powell designed the knife, but I have not yet been able to confirm or deny this.  Camillus has very little detail on the CK9 on its website, & of course TOPS doesn't have anything public about this on its website because it's not technically a TOPS knife.

Grady Powell designed another knife that appears to have been commissioned by Camillus and made by TOPS Knives, the DAGR.  Here's a photo of Grady Powell holding both knives at one of the big knife shows recently, I believe it was SHOT Show 2015:

The CK9 is in Powell's left hand, with the DAGR in his right hand.  A better photo of the CK9, an acknowledged collaboration with TOPS Knives:

And below, the DAGR, with all the earmarks of a TOPS collaboration (black traction powdered coated 1095, green Micarta scales with traction texturing & white liners):

TOPS tends to make collaborations that are fairly recognizable, including one of my other favorites, the CRKT Hood Camp Knife HCK1.

I guess all I can do is more research -- maybe TOPS marketing director Craig Powell can shed some light on this.  And I wonder if there's any coincidence in their last names...?

And just for fun, a gratuitous shot of my own CK9:

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Comment by Jan Carter on May 24, 2016 at 19:30

A little bit of investigation can uncover a multitude of answers !  Thanks for sharing

Comment by Jan Carter on May 24, 2016 at 19:30

A little bit of investigation can uncover a multitude of answers !  Thanks for sharing

Comment by dead_left_knife_guy on May 24, 2016 at 18:52

UPDATE!  I contacted Craig Powell, marketing manager over at TOPS.  He said he was unaware of any involvement from Grady Powell in the development of the CK9, & that it was most likely a Leo Espinoza design.  And he also said that he did not know if he was related to Grady Powell at all, but if he was it would be a distant relation.  

So, two theories blown out of the water in one email.  And that's why it's really just good to ask questions sometimes -- so you don't go around operating on false information.

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