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OK. This is a 2-blade pocket I picked up years ago. Pretty decent quality. At first I thought Golden Rule, but the stamp isn't the same. As you can see, it advertises a business in Gowanda, NY. The tang stamp, which I tried to get as clear a pic as possible of, LOOKS like "GOO" or GCC," Gowanda, NY. Can anyone help at all? Can't find reference one to this mark. Thanks in advance.

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Is there a possible 4th letter in the top line of the stamping ??

A tiny bit of metal polish and a really strong light, and I think you're right, D ale...but it looks like another C! This is driving me crazy (smile)!

C Platts and Sons was based in Gowanda, N.Y. & private labeled folding knives for Case in the late 1800's.

.This is link.

SO0o .. they likely private labeled (manufactured under contract & stamped contractor's name on product) knives for others.

Not finding much else ..though.. still looking.

Even it's it's a private-label deal, what the hell could GCCC stand for? To your knowledge, was there ever a Gowanda Cutlery Co? I know I haven't found anything about one. Thanks

Apparently .. in July of 1897, S&M purchased the C.Platts knife making facility in Gowanda & made knives in Gowanda, N.Y. till sometime in 1902.

Link to that info is HERE.


They would ..most certainly.. have also private labeled product for others.

Very much a "shot in the dark" here


?? could it be QCCC ??

As in Queen City Cutlery Company.


"The story is that each foreman made and appropriated a few extra knife pars [sic] before ending each day’s work. They then used the parts to assemble their own knives and sold them under the brand Queen City Cutlery Company."


Interesting article


very much a "long shot" as far as a viable explanation of the stamping


not confident there ever actually existed such a stamping (QCCC).

Nope...the first is definitely a G

There was a knife company that used that tang Gutmann Cutlery.  If memory serves me correctly, they were not a manufacture but a distributor out of NY.  Yes, this could have been jobbed out to any Gowanda factory to have been made.  Gutmann had their hand in many pies including Puma and Hen & Rooster

Thanks, but what would the GCCC stand for? The only Gutmanns I've seen used the Guttmann name...

Not having any luck so far...so hard to tell with that stamp. Even tried some photo filters to try to enhance the stamp a bit. Nope.

Looks Scandinavian
The c probably stand for celluloid cause of the finish on the handle the rest are probly blade steel grade to a slip joint on how it was assembled

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