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Hello -- I am still cataloguing knives.  It's fun when I find information about the knife or knife maker on-line but it's not much fun when I can't find anything and its such a beautiful knife.

Its a fixed blade (see I'm learning) with a wooden handle.  On the blade the knife is inscribe LUCKY with a star underneath.

Does anyone recognize this?

I have attached a couple of pictures (sorry! not a great photographer)


Mary Kennedy

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Mary it was way more, way better, over the top , dag on gorgeous.  As I told you I collect fillet knives, except of coure for Lucky Star knife. I owned one and your husbands is my second. First of all I want to wish you my condolences for your loss. It is so hard to loose a loved one, then to face the challenges of departing with their collections.  Downsizing under normal conditions is hard enough, let alone adding this like this into the mix.  This Lucky Star knife is one outstanding knife. I own very few knives that are not fillets, and both of my Lucky Star knives have set me dazzled. I would love to know who made these knives. Outstanding workmanship. All the knives I have seen of your husbands collection are very much high end, some hard to find, and all in great shape. For goodness sakes knife collectors , look at the pictures Mary is offering and make your offers based off of those pictures. She is no expert and depends on a couple people who are not seeing these knives in person. Make your offers accordingly, My belief is, she should not offer a return policy unless there was a hidden defect and believe me this woman is a top notch wonderful person of the highest level.  Payment was made so easy by having a Paypal account. She sent me an invoice, I hit the pay button and boom,  it was paid. She shipped bullet fast, and very well packaged. I received it in two days.  Way better then expected. Seems like her husband kept his knives well protected and in great order.  Thanks so much Mary and I am looking forward on more purchases. 


I am so glad you have found a home for this one.  Any help you need, ask.  The folks on here are just wonderful at helping, they make me proud to call them friends on a daily basis.

After an accident a couple of years ago, we downsized together and it has been the most amazing process.  Still downsizing a little but you are sometimes it is difficult to say good bye to a cherished object you hunted down and got together.


I hope you enjoy the knife!

Jan, thanks for asking. I am so happy with this knife. First of all Mrs. Mary is one heck of a good lady. Nothing but total class, and I am so happy you are trying to help her with her sales. I still sometimes feel Ebay would of been better with exposure to the folks on your site and on Ebays vast collectors. It would of been a little more hassle , plus high commissions, but it would of eliminated pricing, allowing the general market to price the knives. Her husband had some beautiful knives, great eye for the good stuff.
With all of that said, I received this knife. No known maker. I have seen what has been called fantastic craftsman as rated by others that upon viewing , my mouth open, asking is this a knife or lightning rod.  Then I come across two Lucky Stars. One I had for a while , then buying Mrs. Mary's now. I know this maker was from the Spokane , Washington state area. He had two knives sold at either auction or more likely shows in Spokane. Ms. Mary's husband I think bought his at a show in Tennessee.   I am just being guided by similarities. No factual stuff to base my findings upon.
I do have a couple more leads, so if you know a good person who has been around for awhile, maybe you can bring this question up to him/her.  This knife is of high quality, inside and out, with ever aspect of the knife rated 100 by me on a scale to 100. Looks, techniques, selection of accessories, quality of workmanship and items used, designs, balance, tang to handles, bolsters, sharpness of blade, and mirror polishing of blade. It passed all my smell test and I am a bottom feeder of knife collectors being a fillet knife man.  Why he/she has not gotten any recognition is way beyond my belief. Making judgement from the sheath only I estimate my old knife and her newly purchased knife both to be in the very late 60's to early 70's but maybe as young as 80's .  Knives stay perfect if taken care of, where as sheaths do show some age. There are no other marks on the blade other then the Cursive spelling of Lucky, rather fancy, then the indented star below the name.  
One lead has seemed to make some sense but just a little , where ga guy remembers a old guy at shows he attended that was nick named Lucky, who had a son or protégée , and or another who was a younger girl maybe daughter .  He remembered his knives were called Lucky, his protegee named Lucky 1 and the younger girl named Lucky Star.  So I have this lead and he is looking for the fellows card.
So Jan if you do happen to receive any information I would be forever greatful and if you hear of any Lucky Star knives either you buy it or give me a whistle. 443-996-8200.  I told Mrs. Mary the same thing about this group, which consist of great guys and gals more then willing to help any collector or folks in her situation. Lets keep an eye and make sure she gets the best prices.  I paid $40 on Ebay last year for the one I already had. The only reason was there is no known history for these knives and certainly not many around to make judgement on prices. I was shocked by the quality when I received my first one.
Ok , thanks and we all wish Mrs. Mary all the best , certainly knowing no one better give her a hard time. You see the pictures , you know its a quality knife in folks like D'Holder and prices are well known for his stuff. So use pictures and never expect any refund unless it was totally mis-described. I do not want to see folks buying something , then sending back an inferior knife asking for their money back. I know that would never happen with our members on this site.  I told her, when its bought its bought, and pictures tell the story. She is a novice , her husband was the expert.
Thanks so much for letting me type so much here.
Kind Regards,

Ms. Mary, this is Peter. I sort of forgot what your email address was and therefor lost contact. I was wondering how your new settlement was going.  I wish you all the best. What a wonderful person you are. I still have all the knives. I often take them out and show my friends.  Very happy with my purchase, especially that Lucky Star. I wish I could find out who made those knives. I love them. 

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