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My grandmother had this knife. Its really rusty and I'm looking for a way to clean it. The blade says Sabre Ireland. I was searching around the Internet it seems it's a cheap knife not really very old. I'd like to know more about it if anybody has info.

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Oops don't know how to attach photo.


Click on the 2cnd icon from the left in the command line @ the top of the comment box .. it's the lil pic icon.

You will be rewarded with an "ADD IMAGE" box & be prompted to "browse" your computer for the appropriate pic file.

Once selected .. the pic file will be uploaded & be displayed graphically as an image.


D ale

Still, has to have value , to you...

This was my grandmother's knife.  She got it at the 1904 Worlds Fair in St. Louis.

Wow. What a great knife.
I still don't see the little icon to upload a photo. Maybe because I'm on my phone.....

Cinder, can you get the desktop view on your phone?

Thanks Jan. It worked.

Jan Carter said:

Cinder, can you get the desktop view on your phone?

Uploaded pic
Uploaded pic.

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