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We need to get this guy to join iKC.  Does anyone on iKC have this many knives?


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From the story it was pretty obvious that at least some of his knives were cheap ones.

dead_left_knife_guy said:

Yeah, I heard about this  Daniel Koster posted the story on his Facebook feed a couple days back. So, the story, & the guy, have caught the attention of at least one serious maker.

I haven't seen any photos of the guy's collection, except the colorful blurs behind the dojo-owner/knife collector.

2 things though: First, 2,200 hardly seems record-breaking. Second, I bet we COULD get close top that with a couple hundred dollars & a few Frost Cutlery sets from Cutlery Corner -- but that doesn't mean we SHOULD.

Wow! I thought I had a big collection until seeing this!

J.J. Smith III said:

That is true. I have nearly a thousand but many are just not up to par with other's and i would not want to consider them as real 'collector quality'.
Quantity certainly doesn't make a collection.

Like Dale says, whether you have only a few, that you're proud of, or hundreds, makes no difference.

Over the years I've gone from an accumulation to a collection. There's a big difference. Still have most of my old accumulation but they aren't included in what I would call my collection.

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