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Hi Art,
I just purchased the same set of knives that you were talking about. It's 5 years later.... What do you think the value of this set is today?

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Very hard to estimate value. I purchased each knife separately and then an empty display case. The 12 knife set with the case was once listed on the internet at $1,000. That was about five years ago. What did you pay for your set?

Collectibles from FM knives seem to appreciate slowly over the last several years. Everything depends on the buyer knowing they are Boker made knives and how rare they are. I paid from $40 to $100 for each of my knives and would hope the full set in the very substantial display case, would sell for $12-1500 when I go to sell them. I would take $1800 for the set, case plus the extra 4 knives that includes the extremely rare Wild Boar hunter.

Its all a question of a buyer wanting the knives and a willingness to pay for them.

Hi Art,
I paid $350 for them so looks like I got a fair deal. If you or if you know anyone interested I'd probably sell the set for $600. Again thanks for your help


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