Has anyone used D2....specifically, Queen's D2?

How do you like it?

Is it as hard to sharpen as some say?

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I have been using D-2 for over 40 years. Love it! Have used it to build stamping dies, knives, and spinners for copper tubing. Yes it is hard to sharpen. Diamond sharpeners help. I prefer to draw it a little farther to about Rc55 as it seems to hold an edge a little better. To each his own though. 60 also works well for a knife taking less abuse. Doesn't rust quickly either. I little hard to work and machine until you are used to it. Much slower speeds with no lube helps.


I tend to like it also.  That first sharpen may be a little tougher but the dang thing will stay sharp forever with just a little touch up now and again


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