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Our muzzle loader season opened Monday, the 13th.  I went hunting that afternoon but saw no deer, only a squirrel.

This is the view from my deer stand.  That fence at the end of the open lane is 185 yards from my stand.

I went hunting again this afternoon (Thursday) and saw this doe.  It is 75 yards from my stand.  I let it walk.

I also saw this four point buck. I let it walk too. If he makes it through this season I think he will be at least a six point next year.  It also is 75 yards from my stand.

I wasn't ready yet to kill a doe or a buck this small.  Due to the number of deer in the area and our long season I can afford to be selective.  Our season runs to February 10.  I always let a lot more deer walk than I shoot.  Either deer would have been legal.  In fact shooting both would have been legal.  But of course if I had shot the doe, I doubt the buck would have shown up.

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I am awfully glad you did not shoot the little guy. You are right next year he will have more points and my have even sired the next big one

It is like a friend of mine once said, if you shoot the little bucks you won't have any big bucks.

Well I downloaded my game cameras today.  This picture of the four point buck I let walk on Thursday was taken by one of my game cameras.  I was 75 yards away when I took his picture, the game camera was only 10 or 12 feet from him.  But if you look at this picture you can see that he was a six point instead of a four point.  But I don't mind that I let him walk.  Even if I had realized he was a six point I might not have shot him because his rack isn't very large and he isn't a very large deer.

This picture of him was taken by another of my game cameras 20 minutes later at my corn feeder, about 200 yards from the other pictures.

I went hunting again this afternoon (Monday Nov. 20).  Our regular gun season opened this past Saturday and runs through Feb. 10.  Does are legal for the first nine days of the season so I am going to try for a doe or a small buck with my 1873 Winchester.  I am going to limit myself to 75 yards max with it.  One of my game cameras caught this picture of me walking to my stand with the '73.

Look how level that gun is riding in my hand.  I am not holding it level.  It is so well balanced that if you hold it right in front of the action it balances itself.  I had my Ruger Blackhawk .45 on my left hip but the jacket is covering it up.

I saw a total of seven deer, all does or fawns.  I saw five while in my stand and two more while riding my four wheeler around to get my memory sticks out of my cameras.  The only one that came into what I consider the range of the Winchester was the fawn in this picture.  But I just didn't want to shoot a fawn (which would have been legal) so I let it walk.  It was 50 yards from me in this picture.

I thought one of the does was going to give me a shot.  It was walking toward my stand but turned off into the woods just a little too far out of range.  That tree you see over the back of the deer is 75 yards from my stand so any deer I shoot with the '73 would have to be on this side of the tree.

Went hunting yesterday morning (Monday).  Saw some squirrels but no deer.


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