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Hi, my name is Craig, and I'm a meat eater! Yes it's true, I love meat. 

Do you have a favorite meat? Or do you just love all meat? OR, a favorite way to cook meat? 

I'd say I love all kinds of meat, and my mood decides on what I want at any given time. But, if some one told me I could eat only one kind of meat, I think, I'd have to pick Pork. Pork roast, pulled Pork, Pork BBQ, Ham......there's so many basic ways to eat it.

What one meat would you pick if you could only eat one kind? 

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Had Eastern style N.C. Pork Saturday. Yes, I ate a lot.

Steve Hanner said:

Well now I will admit a good fried squirrel is hard to pass up. Well fish of choice is a little different here, of course fried catfish is always a favorite and fried suckers are good too.

Well in a perfect world I would eat nothing but venison.  I like to try different meats for the holidays and this past Christmas we treated ourselves to some bone in Buffalo rib eyes.  These buffalo are all grass fed and free roaming and the taste was spectacular.  3 minutes on each side over lump charcoal and a great bottle of red wine made for quite the Christmas Eve dinner.


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