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Jan, you cannot guess!

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Oh that one is mine I dropped where ever you found it! That's a beauty. What type of blades does it have?


Ok - 1st I love this Sunday Go to Meeting Knife.  I agree with Mr Parker Payne that it has the look of a peanut.  My addled memory has fermented a bit and I offer a couple of thoughts on which I would welcome corrections.  I think that this might have been a contest Knife from Jan's collection that came home home to you.  I think it is a prototype and that it was made shortly after the Daniel's family acquired Queen Cutlery. Please, let me know if any fragments of my memory are real - LOL.  Best regards and Joyful Holidays ! 

Bill Fletcher, you have pretty good memory.

I bet it has a COA and a wharncliff

I will allow Ms. Jan to describe the knife more completely than I can.

I do know it was a Parker pattern.  It came in three sizes in the Case Classic line

I think it went something like this.  

First special project out since The Daniels Family had taken over, it was called The Dawn of a New Era.  Most folks may not remember that it was also the first founders day here at iKC where I was an owner not a manager :).  Schatt & Morgan Dogleg whittler, Pearl w/Abalone inlay.  There were only 5 of these made for iKC

How many of you know that the same year there were 5 Fixed Blades certified as iKC knives

And I love mine Ms. Jan!

Cool knife Ms Data,  It is a beauty.  Jan, if I ever knew, the memory of the fixed blade had disappeared in the mists.  A very neat pair of Founder's knives. All the best regards. 


That one was an experiment to see how many of the members asking for a fixed blade would commit.  Hence the low number of 5 LOL


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