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I acquired this beautiful mint 2003 Queen Cutlery congress knife at the gun show today. Any information is appreciated. 

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I always manage to cut myself with my congress when I open more than one blade at a time . That is a nice looking knife you have there Leopold .

The knife is a special factory order set made for the Queen Cutlery Collectors Club in 2003, probably sold only to members at their annual knife show in Titusville.  As is shown on the blade, it is a limited 1 of 50, with large bolsters and stag-bone handles, in a #32 Congress pattern.

It is hard to put a value on these, because they are not sold very often.  Most are in collections and don't change hands.

Looks like one Very special pick-up Leopold well done!

Thank you all for the information that you provided. It was much appreciated

If anyone is interested, I put it up for sale http://www.sonorandesertknives.com/queen-cutlery.html

Very nice knife Leopold!

sweet blade


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