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What spyderco knives do you have in your collection? Pictures are welcomed/encouraged.

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Mine are:
1. spyderco karambit
2. spyderco "s" knife
3. spyderco endura 4 w/ white frn handle
4. spyderco endura 1 or 2 (not sure which)

Im interested in getting the tenacious, centofante 3, dragonfly w/ white frn, waved endura, khukuri, or barong
-delica 1
-caly 3
-atlantic salt
thats a endura 1 the endura 2 has stainless steel scales
Hate to sound obvious, but I like the Military and Para Military, but I have a couple of Delicas, Enduras, Pacific Salts, Tasman Salt, and a couple of others.

Those ACU camo handle scales are awesome!
So far, just a Salt 1. I might be picking up an H1 Ladybug soon. Once I get some more cash, I'll probably get the G10 Dragonfly and the Centofante III.
My SpyderCo collection sucks at the moment. It just started though...
~Tenacious (PE)
~Centofante III

Just ordered a Tenacious. The Centofante III, Lava, Carbon Fiber Native, and the Police are on my wishlist though.
Where did you find the G10 Dragonfly? I have never seen one. Love the dragonfly I'm just not a big fan of the clip on the frn model. Spyderco should make one with CF scales.
Better order the Lava soon Spyderco discontiued the Lava but on a good note the price is a little lower on the spyderco site. Good luck the Lava is a killer knife.
my new Spyderco paramilitary

SPYDERCO SPYDERCARD...accepted everywhere...

Spyderco Spydercard...


-57-58 HRC
-2 7/8' in length
-3.3 oz.
-AUS-6 made in Japan
-Flat Grind
-Satin Finish


-Designed by the late Isreali custom Knife-Maker EDUARD BRADICHANSKY SHABARIA...killed in 1999 when the Palestinans bombed his village.


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