Craig Henry

74, Male

Raleigh, NC

United States

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How did you hear about iKnifeCollector?
Do you currently subscribe to any knife publication (offline)
How long have you collected knives?
41 to 45 years
Favorite Kind of Knives
Mainly traditional patterns. In 2012 I decided to concentrate on Case knives.
About Me
Was a major Schrade collector in the 80's. Wrote the Schrade sections for Levine's Guide to Knives & Their Values 2nd Edition and Official Price Guide to Collector Knives 10th Edition. Knife World (Knife Magazine) Ambassador.
Knives, Guns, military history, old west history, history in general actually, science, news junkie....there's very little in life that I'm not interested in!
Other Hobbies
Flashlights, Guns, Old West, video gaming....yes I'm an old gamer!

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  • J.J. Smith III

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    Charles Sample

    Happy Birthday Craig!

  • James Land

    Wow, you've got some beautiful 33s in your pictures, 33 is my favorite pattern. I don't see any 27s in your photos (granted I haven't been thru all 925 of them). The 27 is similar to the 33 with rounded bolsters... I try to focus on the smaller Case patterns, especially smooth handle models. (something about Jigging turns me off)

    Beautiful collection. I tried to get my wife to look at them with me last night, but she could not care less.