• Auction Knives !!

    111 members

    NEW !! - An area where we can try out the option for active members to post and manage a short term auction.  Check out the knives, read up on the rules, check the schedule and let's have some fun!

  • iKC Arsenal Hosted By Charles Sample

    195 members

    A Group for members who believe in and use their 2nd amendment right. A place to show, share and discuss the firearms collected and enjoyed by fellow members. 

  • National Knife Collector Association- Local Chapter

    176 members

    The local chapter of the National Knife Collectors Association. Our little place to discuss the needs of knife collectors and for feedback and ideas for this important knife organization.

  • Knife Pattern Collectors

    107 members

    All over the world knife patterns. Different types, size, styles… We will talk about old traditional and new knife patterns. If you know pattern which nobody really knows, please give world to know! A-Z index of Knife Pattern Discussions


    80 members

    Mans best friend/as well as his knife.

  • Whittling / Carving knives

    74 members

    For those who like to carv/whittle something. We will talk about all knife types for whittling, about types of wood and types of whittling. If you just collect a Whittler knives, you are also invited!

  • LAKOTA & CONDOR by Hoffman

    4 members

    A group for people who enjoy Lakota and Condor knives designed by Phillip Hoffman in the 1980's and 1990's!!


    9 members

    All about MIKOV knives from the CZ. home of the PREDATOR spring knife. 

  • Buck 110 Group

    94 members

    Discussion group for Buck model 110 folders and owners!

  • EDC Club

    363 members

    For folks who find a knife in their pocket- most everyday

  • Case Fans

    368 members

    Fans of Case Knives

  • Tools for knife enthusiasts

    20 members

    A place to discuss tools specifically relevant to knife making and restoration. But since Boys (and girls) like toys, we'll likely end up talking about tools in general anyway!

  • Gone Fishin'

    78 members

    A group devoted to the Angler and the Angler at Heart.  If the topic has anything to do with fishing, this is the place to post.  Tell us your fishing stories, talk about tackle old and new!  What you like and what you don’t like.   Bought some new equipment and want to tell us about?  We want to h…

  • Sodbuster Fanatics Worldwide

    14 members

    Do you love sodbusters? This is the group for you....

  • Ontario Knife Company

    23 members

    Ontario Knife Company is celebrating their 125th anniversary and is an award-winning full service cutlery manufacturer. OKC has been a major supplier of the US Armed Forces since 1942. OKC offers more than 175 products and conducts most of its manufacturing in the United States.We look forward to h…

  • Knives of the Great Outdoors

    134 members

    A group dedicated to knives and equipment used by Scouts, Hikers, Fishers, Sailors and all the other outdoor adventurers.  A place to show off everything from  the knife in your bug-out bag to your tackle box. Or the knife you take on a day hike or climbing the Matterhorn. A - Z Index, knives of th…

  • Mini knife makers and collectors

    25 members

    Mini's have been around for a long time and made and enjoyed by many. If you like them or make them Join this Group and lets talk about them!

  • PAUL Axial Lock knives

    17 members

    PAUL Axial lock knives, whether they be of the Gerber, Lone Wolf or Benchmade variety. Any and all models, from the Defender to the Slim-Jim, stock or custom. Here is a place to show them off and share your story. Maybe even a few tips on care and carry. I adore my PAUL Collection and I wish I coul…

  • iKnifecollector GEAR

    103 members

    shipping included US mail, US destination $133.00 USD International US mail $148.00 USD

  • Sheffield Cutlery hosted by Smiling - Knife

    55 members

    Anyone with an interest in Sheffield-made cutlery is welcome to join this group. Feel free to share your photos, ask questions and provide information related to the knives and cutlers of Sheffield.