Rocky Howard


United States

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How did you hear about iKnifeCollector?
internet search
Do you currently subscribe to any knife publication (offline)
How long have you collected knives?
46 to 50 years
Favorite Kind of Knives
folders and fixed blades of high quality.
About Me
I am a retired coalminer from Eastern Kenucky. I reside on the family farm and live in the same house that I was born in. I am #7 of eight boys,no sisters,and I am the last survivor in my family.
I have been collecting and trading knives since I was a teenager. I particulary like German made kinves. I'm also a collector of Case and Buck knives. I am also into .22 caliber rimfire rifle. But certainly not an expert in any of the above.
Other Hobbies
fishing and hunting

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  • Lars Ray

    Hi Rocky - welcome to iKC - we're glad you're here!

    JJ is right - you may want to grab a cup or 2 of coffee...and maybe some munchies too! You can spend hours at a time surfing around here....and that's just looking at all the great knives and collections! Just a word of caution though....building your photo library here is not a competitive sport. But....the more you have, the more we like you...just sayin'  :-D

    I hope you enjoy exporing everything, and please feel free to add comments on anything that interests you. A great way to kick start a new conversation is by reviving an old one - so don't let those "2011" or "2015" last comments hold you back. 

    Have fun!

  • Lars Ray

    Man, isn't that the truth. Somehow my wife can tell when I've gone 6 months or more without having purchased something....even a rusted up old thing. It's just in the blood. One member you'll want to get to know is Dead Left Knife Guy...we call him DLKG. He's always posting which knife shop is having free shipping and what-not. He doesn't help my knife diet, that's for sure!

    As far as being a student of the history - oh brother, you'll get your fill here, that for sure. I don't have enough life time to learn what many of these folks around here have forgotten. It's one of the reason I like hanging around here...always something new going on. 

  • Jan Carter

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