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A weekend of  knives, forges, anvils and friends.  Trackrock Hammer In is a tradition for us.  It was this show that Donnie decided he would rather forge that do stock removal.  It was also at this show that we decided to become a permanent part of the North GA community.

So much has happened at this campground over the years.  We have watched the Hammer In become a destination for over a dozen knife makers and several dozen families.  Some one asked me yesterday, what drives a maker to come spend the weekend giving away knowledge, steel and time?  See, this is all volunteer and all free.

So back to the question.  I would have to say, fellowship, friends and kids.  We all love knives and we all love to share them.  There is just something special about watching a kid make their first knife.  Then to have them return, just as enthusiastic in 6 months with an idea of what they want to build next.

This young lady stayed with it, Allen Surls was her partner and I swear he enjoyed it as much as she did

Even a seasoned and well known maker like Allen will hang around and watch instructions

Every year we see more and more young girls pick up a hammer

And then there are some cases that the knife makers take great pride in.  Scout started when he had to stand on a milk crate to reach the anvil.  Now he drives his truck to the shows and teaches.

 Ms. Lily made her first knife standing beside my husband Donnie.  At close to 13 years old, it is a family affair for the Conners.  Lily and her dad now own a forge, anvil and complete set up!  She works as hard as the men

Watching these kids kids grow up hooked on steel is satisfying to say the least.  To be a very small part of a special weekend is exactly what keeps us going back.

Watching their progress is amazing

 I am going to post more pics but for now, find a Hammer In.  Take someone, share the experience.  Heck...come on down and join us!

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You cannot beat the scenery 

Love that scenery! 

There are plenty of sharp objects to look at

The learning never ends

Some awesome looking blades there, Jan. I can't wait until I can attend one of these with you.

It's always good to spend time with extended family.. plus kids ,fire ,and steel count me in.

Jan Carter said:

There are plenty of sharp objects to look at

.. !!!! Sweet .. !!!!

Daggers .. fancy letter openers .. whatever

simply sweet

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