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QTRMSTR is delivering their first integral knife to kick-off Season 2 of their Q Collection, a program that puts new, experimental designs into collectors’ hands. The company also addressed rumors about the country of origin of their products and maintains they’re all made in the USA.

The Q Collection: An opportunity for those with an insatiable appetite for high quality, limited production gear.

  • The Q-Collection SEASON 2 begins during the first month of 2017. Membership positions will open within the 1-2 weeks. Each membership position is given choice of available serial number for consistency throughout their personal collection.
  • Membership positions are available at a price of $100.00 each. Once 2017 begins, monthly dues begin $35/month for a total of 19 months.
  • Q Collection Knives are made in runs of 300 pieces. There will be no additional variants, or colorways made. Only 300 total, forever.
  • Q Collection models will only be distributed through THIS program. They will not be sold through our website, our social media, or our dealerships. This action will make these models highly sought-after & difficult to acquire for all but our exclusive membership.
  • Q Collection members will receive a private email for VIP services.
  • Q Collection membership is for United States clients only due to the contractual nature/obligations & responsibilities.
  • Members will receive 3 knives of ultimate quality and near-impossible exclusivity. First knife will arrive approx 8/17, second model 12/17 and final model 6/18.
  • Q Collection members from our inaugural season will receive a 20% discount on their initiation fee and will be able to keep their current number if they wish.

This is the picture I pulled from knife news as the ones on the QTRMSTR site are not as clear

SO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK?  Is this one of the new waves of the future of knife buying? Is a monthly subscription service to receive knives in the future something you would consider doing?

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Aside from it being Quartermaster with their plethora of issues, I am not big on the idea, personally. $800 for 3 experimental knives that you have no choice in, and can't handle or heft beforehand...I don't think I could do it. Whilst I have bought offline before, and obviously can't hold the knife before buying, I prefer being able to choose what I get.

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