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I'm quite possibly going to do something I thought I'd never do -- buy something via Cutlery Corner!

I know all about their junk knives but they also do have som gems hidden among the 100 knives and a free katana for $100.

What is holding me back is I have no idea what their shipping charges are.

Has anyone out there had any dealings with them? Any one have a clue about their shipping charges. I don't want to spend $20 shipping for a single knife that weighs about 1/2 pound and can fit in a small box.

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I believe that they use FedEx, Toby. Ground shipping would probably be under $10.00, heading to Chicago.

Place the order up to the point where shipping charges are displayed .. then .. back out / cancel.

Shipping charges are exactly the reason I use some vendors & avoid others.

I despise paying more in shipping than I do for the product,


I often only need $X.xx in product. SO0o .. don't tell me .."well, buy more product ..&.. it won't be so bad."

I only need what I need.


Just sayen'

D ale

I contacted them via PM on Facebook. They gave me a prompt reply. While not the lowest shipping, I have seen much worse.

Below is their message. For what I'm after, I'm willing to take a shot.

With the exception of a few time-limited items (free knife with x amount of $$$ until a given date), all of our products are available for purchase while stock remains. Our shipping rates are based on the corresponding purchase price of the items being sold. Currently, the matrix starts at $6.99 for FedEx Ground with purchases up to $25. It moves up in $2 increments before capping out at $18.99 on purchases over $200. With few exceptions, purchases of that amount consist of very heavy multiple-component sets.

!!! .. That's fair charges .. !!!




Nice to receive a prompt & to the point response.


Kudos to "Cutlery Corner" on this one !!

I agree, great to have such a prompt reply!

So I placed an order last night. First time ever. I ordered two knives. The one that prompted my momentary lapse of judgement and another so as not to pay $7 in shipping on a $10.50 item Instead I spent $21 for two knives.

As I already have a different version of the $10.50 knife I know what I'm getting with it. The other will hopefully by okay.

That said it's all a grand experiment. The operator I talked to was extremely nice and very professional. I mentioned to her that I've watched the show for years but was skeptical of ordering because I had heard horror stories concerning shipping charges.

She mentioned that they were the stories were true but the company has changed their policies a few years back. She actually said people were paying $40-50 to ship the larger deals. ( you know the ones (100 blades for $100). Now the most you pay is $18.99 for $200 and over.

She did mention it could take up to 10 business days for items to ship.

So far the experience dealing with them has been very positive. I will keep you posted. Once the items arrive I'll show you what I ordered and give a review.
I've been to the brick and mortar store a couple of times.
It's not SMKW, but it's a good stop.
As I mentioned to placed my order Wednesday night. I received a message today that it was sent via FedEx ground with expected delivery next Friday. Tracking number was provided with the email. So far I can't find a complaint.
Well my saga of Cutlery Corner continues. My order arrived yesterday. My first ever order from the company and would you believe they got it wrong!

The thing is one of the knives I ordered end up being part of a two-fer deal they had on the show the night ordered. Whodda thunk?

Any way I called them this morning and there customer service was very friendly and said I should get the correct knife in 7-10 days. They told me to enjoy the extra knife. And we're very apologetic and pleasant.

As for the extra knife. They are currently selling them for $14.63. The knife I wanted is just $10.50.

I'll give you an update in 7-10 days. So far I'm still pleased with the service despite the mishap. You can tell a lot about a company by how they fix their mistakes

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