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1.)  CASE XX Bradford, PA.   19 USA 92  7254 SS  "The Eagle Dancer" in wooden presentation box, serial #'d 465

2.) CASE XX  USA 19 BFD, PA.   92   59L SS  "Peace Pipe, also in wooden Presentation Box, serial #'d 23

Each of the two knives are very detailed, with obvious precious materials of some kind in layed into them.

Any information as to the materials used in these, maybe the number made, etc. is appreciated!


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Steve you don't happen to have pictures you could share with us?


Is this the eagle dancer?

If so there were three in the series I believe

I know more about the Eagle Dancer because we have this one

The wood handle features a decorative genuine Turquoise and Coral stone inlays and carved wooden eagle dancer

This should be the ghost dancer

The third one was not in a box but in a dish, almost bowl like.   It was called the end of trail

Here are a few pictures of the two knives. I had each knife engraved for my two sons a few years ago (my sons were born in 1992) by a Master Engraver, with the words "Proud Of Ya's!  Love, Dad"  The serial numbers on each knife are original (465/23).

Thanks Jan for the info on the material on the Eagle Dancer (The Coral Stone and Turquoise).

Anyone know how many of these custom knives were made by chance? Anyone know what the values are today?

I plan on printing the info out and putting with each knife, so in the future, my sons will know the details.

Hi, I have a set of 5 of these... Ghost Dancer; Eagle Dancer; End of the Trail; Peace Pipe and Buffalo Hunter.... and would also like to know more about them ...like when were they made ( I believe in 1991) and what the values are. Also how many were there.... how many different ones were there etc.... I have also seen one called Wolf Dancer on Ebay recently. He wanted approximately $260 for it. I didn't buy it... a bit too much for me but don't know what the values of these are. I believe the stones ( turquoise etc) are genuine which does increase the value. Additionally, they are Case Brand knives. Would eventually like to collect the complete set as they are beautiful knives. 


Some more photos 


Well a set of these has surfaced with questions again.   Interesting that now we see 7 in the set Ghost Dancer; Eagle Dancer; End of the Trail; Peace Pipe, Buffalo Hunter,Tomahawk and Wolf Dance.

Now this is interesting, Parker catalog showed this one as made for the Three River Knife Club

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