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While attempting to increase my knowledge of the Geo. Schrade M2 knives by internet search, I ran across an old posting that originated on this site. After reading it, I immediately joined.

I collect mainly military knives and bayonets. I say mainly, because I keep being pulled into other edged areas as well - Sound familiar? I have been collecting for over 40 years and am still learning. It has been many years since I sold a knife, so my knowledge of values has been blunted.

Does anyone have a handle on the value of a Geo. Schrade/PRESTO Hawkbill in mint condition? (Sorry for the tongue-in-cheek references; sometimes I can't help myself)

Thanks for your input.

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The tongue in cheek works well with us Mario!  Your collecting sounds very familiar LOL.  Let's see if we can find you some answers!

A place you might like to read  Military knives 

Mario- You have a very rare & valuable knife---In fact, it is so rare, that I have only seen a picture of 2, or possibly the same knife in 2 different places-LOL-- I might be able to help you further if you can provide some photos and or some further information-- This knife was supposedly made in a couple of handle materials, what is yours? Pictures of the tang stamp(s) will also help.-- Does the knife still have the bail & lanyard??-- Just as a rough estimate on price-- Bare minimum $500+++. The fact is, not only is a Geo. Schrade Presto knife in itself highly collectible and sought after, your knife is very, very scarce and kind of the Holy Grail for not only Schrade collectors, but also auto knife and militaria collectors. I have never even seen one offered for sale, but I would guess a minty one would sell well above $1000 !! the following is an excerpt from a July 2005 Knife World article about your knife and photos of the one I found online-- Please post some pics & further info if you can !!


 George Schrade Presto
The other military issued M-2 is usually marked PRESTO with variations on the tang mark. The knife should have a bail to be proper Military Spec issue. Hawkbill versus the vastly more common clipped blade, jigged bone handle, black plastic worm groove handle, and  metal  handle painted black made to look like jigged bone are said to be kosher with the following discussion caveats below. I have never seen a wood handle.

The George Schrade Hawkbill blade is a rare one seen both in plastic handled and bone and is alleged to have been a early limited production model that was rejected in favor of the clipped blade during field trials thus it may have never been military specification - just a test model. It is marked PRESTO over PAT. JAN 30-40 over MADE IN USA and back side GEO, SCHRADE over KNIFE CO. INC over B'P'T. CONN

Excellent info John.  Mario, I would love to see yours

Mario, let me iterate the scarcity of your knife--- Very serious Geo. Schrade, automatic knife, Presto, and military collectors often regard your knife as a myth because they have never seen an example of one-- Prices I quoted are probably very low ball-- Hard to value your knife I have not  yet seen-- But likely worth FAR more than the prices  I quoted previously. Hoping you can provide some pics and further information.

Sorry for the delay. I have been away from my office. Here are some photos of the M2 Hawkbill. Incidentally, I just sold both of these M2's to my best friend. He will be happy to post additional photos if you would like. coming. . .


More photos. . .


The M2 - straight Blade


Both are in mint condition. These are gorgeous knives and great pieces of US military history


The M2 Straight Blade is with the original wrapper and lanyard. Handles on both are plastic. What do you think?

One more. This one is different, as it has genuine bone handles. . .

Sorry for uncropped photos. The one that I cropped are much smaller. It is a Shrade Cut. Co. and not a Schrade-Walden. Schrade-Walden was manufactured post-War.

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