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I always liked Yellow handles. Not my number one favorite, but I like them, a lot. Don't know what it is. there is something about yellow handles. They just look good to me. I know a lot of other people like them and collect them. 

I remember looong ago some guys were talking about yellow handles and they mentioned when they thought yellow handles were first produced. In the 1930's? I can't remember.

1. Do YOU like them. What do you think of them?

2. Does anyone have the information, or can remember when yellow handles first showed up on knives?

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I cannot stay away from them!

My first case trapper was a yellow handle. Loved it!
Think they make the knives look smoother.

smooth yellow bone will do it for me almost every time

I have recently become enamored with them, but I agree they give the knife friendly refined look.

Carried this one for a long while...

Never thought much of the YC until I saw how much it stood out in a knife roll.

As much as I love bone, stag, etc,etc, when I see someone's whole collection of yellow handle knives it kind of grabs my attention. I have a handful, but I think I'll get more!

Maybe this one soon........

My RRs...............

Craig, you got me hooked on goin yellow on my next venture!

Craig Henry said:

My RRs...............

Sorry I'm an enabler.....in a group of enablers!  Shoot, I think I have my self wanting to get some more "old yellers"! LOL!

You buy more, I'll buy me some, and we'll start an entire movement! The world will turn yella! So to speak. Lol

I've got a yeller Casenut coming :) 


Those RR yellow look pretty nice!  The yellows always remind me of an old fishing knife and always brings a smile to my face :)

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