I received two very nice Case knives yesterday.  That doesn't sound like a dilemma to you?  Well, the dilemma is that there is a $5 rebate on each knife.  But you have to cut the original UPC code off the box to send in.  Now I don't think I want to destroy the boxes for the $5.  I would like to know what everyone else would do.

Would you keep the boxes intact or would you cut the UPC code off to get the $5 per box?

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On a vintage knife,the box is sometimes worth more than the knife itself. I would definetely not cut up the box for five bucks.I've been a retail manager for 40+ years and that is one of the tricks with manufacturers. Say  you are  buying a cell phone. They ask you to cut out the UPC for a rebate and send it in, but if you need warranty service., they ask for the same UPC.It is the illusion of selling something for a lesser price, when only one out of ten messes with the rebate, and then they get you in the end with the warranty being voided. It is not just Case, I love Case knives, it is just the way the system works..Case folks are pretty good people to deal with, so I would also call them to see if a photocopy or something else would satisfy the rebate .BTW, that is why manufacturers offer mail in rebates in the first place, even if you don't have to mail in a UPC, they figure 1 in 10 will reply, and $24.99 after $10 rebate sounds a lot more attractive than $34.99.

I would keep the box.  It is my feeling (can't prove it) that it adds at least that much on ebay Case knives.  Unless it is a very inexpensive Case.  The trick is not losing the box however.

Did you ever get to talk to Case about the IPC code on the box

Jon Bradish on the Case Forum said you can make a copy of the UPC code and send it with the ORIGINAL reciept. People on the Forum were asking a while ago with the same Question!

Went and found the info on the Forum,hope this clears it up....Max

Postby Jon Bradish » Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:15 am

Hi Everyone,
A little clarification.  The Rebate is good per barcode, not per # of knives in a set.  Also, you can photocopy the barcode on the box, but the original sales receipt must be included.  If anyone has any questions, please send me a PM as I do not frequent the Forum as much as I used to.
Thanks, -JB

To quote Jan, "Woohoo!"  I called Case myself this morning before reading these posts and got the same info.  So I get to keep my boxes intact and get the $10 too.

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