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Why can't I see more than the last five comments in any given thread, even after clicking the "Load Previous Comments"?
Most of the threads I am interested in have far more than five comments.

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LOL, the postings are not going anywhere

Jan Carter said:


I apologize.  NING is not friendly with all browsers.  Since I am on my desktop 99% of the time, JJ and Manx check out the browers and types of devices more frequently than I do and I would trust their advise (more than mine).

What compounds the issue is a given browser will often act differently on different devices. Firefox IS a supported browser, but put NING, Firefox, and an Android together, something glitches.
Nothing to apologise for. :-)

I do have a question though.
My tablet is a Windows Surface, with Windows RT for the operating system.
I think mine is a Series 2 Surface, and it is not the "Pro" model. The only browser available for it is the one that Microsoft built in to Windows RT. FireFox, Chrome, and all the others are not compatable with RT.
Is the site compatable with the version of the Windows Explorer browser they used?
If not, I'll just use the laptop with Windows 10 and the MS "Edge" browser.
That I can't say, Steve. Never used a windows device, other than my old desktop. The only thing I can suggest would be to try it and see...

I am going to say no Steve.  The windows store bans just about every browser and the RT will only work on what is available in that store.  If you try it, please let us know how it went? But the windows 10 with edge works on my desktop so you should be fine with that

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