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Recently, we launched a new feature here on iKnife Collector and it all works around your status updates.

Now you might ask where is that? Status boxes appear on your "My Page" and they appear on the very Top of the Activity Stream, on the right side of the main page.

By entering a status, members can like your status, or comment on your status.

Ever want to converse on a status?  Its easy...click on the word status....you will be taken to the status's own page.

There you can accumulate comments, edit, or delete.  Status will kind of take on a life of its own depending on how much you want to comment.

We hope you enjoy the new feature and we hope it leads to more people commenting on their status!

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It is fun!

and it works well!

I love the status update.  Put up pics you want folks to see.  Use the status, tell us you put up new pics.  Our peeps adore new pics and will certainly go look at them!

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