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Praying for Garett and his familu.


I have just heard from Garetts wife, he is awake after a week
Jan Carter said:

Let us all raise up in Prayer.  I have no details but our member and Friend, Garett Finney is in ICU at this time.  Dear Lord, Please bring to Garett your healing love.  Watch out over his family as they look to you for guidance and comfort through this trying time.

 I have just gotten the news that our member and friend Cesar Scavone could use our prayers.  Seems his mom is having some serious heart issues.  Let's lift our voices and ask for healing and peace for the family.

Praying healing for Cesar's mother and for the whole family.

Losing those we care about is never easy, even when we know it is just around the corner.  Every parents nightmare is losing a child, and unexpectedly is a mind boggling pain beyond what I can image.  Please join me in Prayers for Syd Carr and his family as the say goodbye to his step son.

Syd, our hearts and prayers are with you all.  I sincerely pray that the Lord brings his healing hands to the family and brings you all some light in this darkest hour.

Sincere condolences, Syd. Terribly sorry for your loss.

Praying for you and the family Syd.  I pray that the Lord will uplift and comfort you as only he can.

Prayers for you and your family, Syd.

Thanks for the prayers guys. Of course we are all numb with shock, but I would ask that prayer especially be directed towards my daughter Jessica, her remaining brother Jacob and their mother Sherry. Jacob, a Staff Sgt in the USAF just flew home on emergency leave, so in the midst of tragedy we are enjoying our time with him. The first thing I did when I saw him was to be sure to tell him how much I loved him, something I wasn't able to do with his older brother Joshua. We are all surviving on God's grace right now and will have to trust Him to get us to the other side of this awful ordeal. An old preacher once told me that "God will get you through the knot hole, but he might have to leaves your ears on the other side to do it", that pretty much sums up how I feel today. Thanks again.

I cannot even imagine your family's pain, Syd .. so sorry.

Prayers said ..&.. will continue.

Our prayers go out to Syd and his family.

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