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Member needs and prayer requests

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I am so glad to have Tobias around again, your presence was missed.

The fires are still burning, though they seem to have fallen out of the national news cycle. Soberanes Fire is at 91,802 Acres & 60% containment, the Chimney Fire is at 45,108 acres & 52% containment.....homes are still being lost. One of the more unknown aspects of these incidents is the grinding toll on firefighters due to the terrain, and their exposure not only to smoke, but the prevalence of Poison Oak in the fire areas. Yesterday alone there were more than 200 reported cases of Poison Oak among firefighters that needed medical attention just on the Soberanes Fire, (take my word for it, it is nasty stuff, the rash lasts for weeks and little can be retroactively done about it). There were a similar number of cases at the Chimney Fire, as that area is overrun with the plant too. The firefighters have been saying it is more widespread this year than they have ever seen it.

So that's it for today, and though the weather is cooling off somewhat, (for the moment), the drought continues and the fires keep burning. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers.

It is with great sorrow that I let my fellow iKC members know that our friend here Bob Robinson lost his wife to advanced Alzheimer's last Friday. My prayers go out to you and everyone in your family. You have stood so strong for so long.

Your friend,



Our prayers are with you and the family, please let us know if there is anything we can do

Thank you Jan! Just now saw this. I appreciate that. 

Jan Carter said:

On 6/8/16the knife world lost a legendary dealer and a very good man.  Join me in prayer for the family of Mr. Clarence Risner.  May the Lord bring them peace in this time of loss.

Thank you Tracey. He did get sassy near the end of the shows didn`t he? Haha. It`s been tough losing him but I`ve told everyone, every knife I open or sell, he`s right there. My cell is 937-903-6317 in case you ever need to get a hold of me. 

Tracey Reed said:

Getting to my desk for the first time since returning from Blade, I was so shocked to read this news this morning.  Danny and I got to know Clarence and his family over the past two years at the Knife Days show in Wilmington, OH. Our tables were always right next to theirs and what a blessing that turned out to be.  He was so gracious, funny, and downright sassy by the time the weekend was over each time.:)  I will miss seeing Clarence each year forward, but do hope to remain in touch with Betty, Austin, and Pam. 

I pray peace comes quickly for Clarence's family and friends.  May God continue to watch over each of them.

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